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iglidur® slewing ring, PRT-04 standard with large mounting ring, aluminium housing, sliding elements made of iglidur® J

  • Ready-to-install solution, no need to build it yourself
  • Easy replacement and extension: modular construction kit design
  • Wear-resistant and maintenance-free iglidur® sliding elements
  • Possibility to easily exchange a PRT-01 with the lighter and more cost-effective PRT-04 thanks to identical hole circle

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Product description
iglidur® PRT slewing ring bearings are ready-to-install slewing rings for lubrication-free, dry operation. The design is not based on metallic rollers or balls, but on maintenance-free sliding elements made of the proven tribologically optimised iglidur® materials in combination with rings made of lightweight anodised aluminium.

The PRT-04 with a large mounting ring offers you the possibility of replacing an already installed PRT-01 with a PRT-04. Due to the identical hole circle of the outer ring, a complex redesign is not necessary. By using the PRT-04, you can save weight and installation space in your application while reducing costs. In addition, you benefit from an extensive and constantly growing modular system.
  • 60% lighter, 50% more compact and 20% more cost-effective than PRT-01
  • Universal sliding elements made of iglidur® J
  • Extensive modular system
  • Particle emission test in Fraunhofer IAF-compliant cleanroom laboratory
The sliding elements made from iglidur® J are our best all-rounder. They are characterised by a low coefficient of friction during dry operation. Furthermore, this material has a low moisture absorption and convinces with a good chemical resistance.

Do you have a cleanroom application? With our iglidur® J sliding elements, you can also use the PRT-04 in cleanrooms. Contact us if you require further advice or information.Get an overview on our website or in the catalogue or have a look at our Online seminar on the PRT-04 modular system.
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