Fully harnessed e-chains® connected in seconds and without tools

… Pluggable-chain …

Connectable e-chain®  
Connected in seconds

Connect harnessed e-chains® in seconds without tools Plug & Work. The new readychain® speed makes connecting harnessed e-chains® easier than ever. Connected in seconds – without any tools. The connector and mounting bracket merge into one for minimal downtimes.

Connected in seconds by hand

Connector and mounting bracket are a single unit

Exchange e-chains® in seconds

Minimised downtime

Secure connection thanks to highly robust connectors

No need for excess cable lengths

Typical applications:control cabinets, automotive, storage and retrieval systems etc.

readychain® speed

All-in-One: mounting bracket + connector + strain relief = readychain® speed


1 = Various widths possible
2 = “Any” length
due to igus® plastic e-chain®
A = Tough opening crossbars
Proven technology of the E4.1 range
B = Cable strain relief
directly in the mounting bracket
C = Modular inserts
for any common connector type
D = Quick release
connected in seconds
E = Mechanical protection
due to fibre-reinforced igus® housing
F = Matching extension
for wall mounting included

readychain® speed  
readychain® speed

energy chain® with end as readychain® speed + Connector for receiving end = “Plug & Work” energy chain®


Order no. Internal height Inner width Outer height External width Радиус изгиба
hi Bi ha Ba R
readychain® speed at fixed end
E4.48L.075.xxx.0.SFP 48 75 64 95 075 | 100 | 125 |
150 | 175 | 200 |
250 | 300 | 350
E4.48L.125.xxx.0.SFP 48 125 64 145  Request
E4.48L.175.xxx.0.SFP 48 175 64 195  Request
readychain® speed at moving end
E4.48L.075.xxx.0.SMN 48 75 64 95 075 | 100 | 125 |
150 | 175 | 200 |
250 | 300 | 350
E4.48L.125.xxx.0.SMN 48 125 64 145  Request
E4.48L.175.xxx.0.SMN 48 175 64 195  Request

Possible options – the choice is yours


Possible options readychain® speed  

No direct plug-in possible

Excess lengths on both ends

New with readychain® speed:

Possible options readychain® speed  

Direct plug-in at fixed end

Excess length at the moving end

Possible options readychain® speed  

Direct plug-in at the moving end

Excess length at the fixed end

Delivery times  

from stock

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