The first lubrication-free linear carriages made of iglidur® I3 material – printed as good as injection-moulded

... Carriages and shaft ends made from 3D printing...

3D linear module  

With the SLTI3, igus® is going down a completely new road in the area of drive technology. The purpose of developing this lead screw unit was to enable quick and very easy assembly, the use of lubrication-free and wear-resistant high-performance polymers and the maximum possible variability. Due to the reduced number of components, the lead screw module can be assembled in seconds. The laser sintering method is used to make the carriage from wear-resistant iglidur® I3. Your wishes regarding lengths or fastening options or even appearance can be implemented speedily and printed overnight.This is how the YOUR lead screw unit is made.

Lubrication-free due to igus® high-performance polymers

Linear carriage made of wear-resistant iglidur® I3 (Standard or individual lasersintering)

Quick assembly

For trapezoidal and high helix threads

Individual stroke length


Input Critical Dimensions

3D drawing  

Individual carriage examples

Individual carriage examples  

Technical data

Part. No. A Al H E1 E2 E3 E4 l2 d2 ha  
  -0,3 -0,3   ±0,15 ±0,15 ±0,15       ±0,1  
SLTI3-12 46 30 26 23 19,5 6-24 63 17 10 (T)
6 h9
13  Request

Part. No. sg tk kt tg f l lt d T as  
SLTI3-12 M3 8 4,5 4,5 4 73 21,5 AWMQ-12 Tr10x2
15,5  Request

Part. No. Max.
stroke length
Weight Weight
Load capacity
rotation speed
  [mm] [g] (per 100 mm)
[min-1] [m/min]  
SLTI3-12 300 0,14 800 50 100 300 0,6  Request

Delivery times  
Delivery times

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Autumn News 2016

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