E-Rover: More safety on long travels

E-Rover: solution for power and data supply of rail-bound crane systems

Constantly rising diesel prices and not least the environment protection make a conversion from diesel to electric drive with rubber-tired container cranes (RTGs) almost inevitable. With the E-Rover igus® has developed a system that meets all requirements especially in these areas:

Compensation of lateral offsets (+/-400 mm or according to customer specifi cations)

For long travels (travels of 800 m and more possible)

Interference-free data transfer through igus® bus cables or igus® fi ber optic cables

Trouble-free even in the harshest environmental conditions (such as in underground mining)

All media can be conducted in one system

almost maintenance free

Can also be used for other applications with large horizontal offset


For long travels (travels of 800 m and more possible)


Compensation of lateral offsets for long travels

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