speedicut – machined special parts from iglidur® materials, very fast

What is speedicut?

speedicut uses the range of iglidur® stock bar materials, and machines parts to a customer’s design really fast. Like the proven speedigus® rapid tooling system, speedicut uses a 3D model to produce a simple and fast quotation, and parts can then be delivered within days.
How does speedicut work?
1. Inform us about your special design requirements: what material, special requirements, etc. and send us your 3D model or 2D drawing by e-mail, or use the upload area below.
2. You will receive a cost estimate; please note the lead-time and send us your order.
3. The advanced speedicut machining cell produces your parts
The delivery lead time options are detailed within the quotation, and range from 1 day to 10 days (for 100 pieces). The different lead time costs are specified individually on your speedicut quote.

Matthew Aldridge, igus® UK Managing Director, introduces the new speedicut service


Select your speedicut material

Quick inquiry

Tell us what material you would like your part to be made of, and upload a 2D (preferably a PDF) or a 3D model (preferably a STEP file).


3D model or 2D drawing of your part

You can upload data up to a total volume about 10 MB.
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