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Bus cable

Very large selection of Ethernet, bus, hybrid and drive cables for e-chains®.


More than 1.4 million electric measurements with moving cables are a guarantee of reliability.

chainflex® online shop - Fail-safe cables for energy chains

25 years experience - Worldwide leader - 36 months warranty - New: Twistable CAT7

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Cables in energy chains or connected to robots need special characteristics to function perfectly over a long period of time in spite of many movement cycles, high speeds, high rates of acceleration and challenging ambient conditions. The igus® chainflex® product line ranges from control cables, servo cables, motor cables and robot cables to bus cables, data cables, encoder cables and fibre-optic cables.

25 years cables

Safety and reliability due to 25 years of know-how & the largest Test laboratory in the industry.

36 months guarantee

chainflex® guarantee - What you can expect of us.

News 2016

Highly flexible chainflex® cables for every movement: unique guarantee program, Smart cables and many more…

Data sheets

All information on our cables as a PDF download.

Application examples

Improving technology and cutting costs - Inspiration provided by examples in the field.


Find cables according to their technical specifications and then calculate the service life.


Enter just a few parameters to find out the service life of your chainflex® cable.

Custom cables

Order special cables in 3 minutes. Current prices. From 300 m. Delivered in 3 weeks.

Copper surcharge

Enter cable and cable length in order to obtain a calculation of the current copper surcharge.


Product data for chainflex® cables Simplified planning and enormous time saving.


Connector-cable configurator Choose your individual cable from 950 cables and 3,500 plug-in connectors.

Product videos

Videos of new products, installation aids, examples of applications and possible uses.


Catalogue range of prefabricated cables in line with 22 manufacturing standards and individual components from stock.

Industrial solutions

Customised introduction to our cables with suitable products for your branch of industry.

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