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I requested the cable samples in the afternoon and they arrived the following morning – sterling, superb and splendid. Keep up the good work, it really does make a difference and I thank igus for being so efficient/effective. Clive Weaver Martin Baker Aircraft Co

Many thanks for your help yesterday and the swiftness you have turned the order around for us. I received the cable this morning just after 8am, we can now get the cable fitted and have the machine ready for full production in the new year. Once again many thanks for you help and look forward to doing more business next year. Many thanks Darran Solidor, Stoke

"Thank you Helen, I received the the chain yesterday and our computer controlled saw is now working. The machine manufactures had a 3 week lead time on this spare part so you can guess how pleased we are, all thanks to you" John Taylor

"igus dryLin linear guides are essential and valuable tools, replacing the need for bulky camera dollies. Constructed with superb precision and trusted in the most extreme environments they offer timeless cinematic beauty...in every scene. I traveled across Poland with two metres of dryLin in the summer of 2012 creating a short film, since then the dryLin linear guides have become a fundamental pillar in my artistic projects." Robert Nartowski

"This part arrived just before 9am. I just wanted to note the excellent service that the Igus sales team delivers as I honestly thought when I rang you in the afternoon yesterday I had little chance of having these parts today. I really appreciate your help with this so thanks again for the prompt and efficient service". Gary Behemma Brammer

"The support from Paul and yourself has been excellent, entirely representative of the service from igus UK that we have received to date." Clive Mockford Engineering Creatives

"Many thanks for the sample you sent me, its perfect for the application. The catalogue arrived today and one of your reps called me this morning and is coming early next week so I will pick his brains regarding my other needs. Once again thanks, the service I have had from your company so far has been excellent. A rare thing these days!" Anderson Garland Roam Folding Bikes

"Just a quick THANK YOU for the quick turnaround and delivery; we received the trunking just after lunch. …and the goods are exactly what we wanted, perfect for the project. Fabulous Customer Service !!" Deborah Listo Ltd

"Thanks for all your help again this week, Igus as a company have exceeded all expectations with regard to the level of support offered in this instance" Dean Amsafe

"Just thought I’d say thanks for an amazing service. When I got to work this morning the order I placed with you late yesterday was sitting on my desk." Chris Hale Technical Maintenance Manager

"Your guy Andrew is the most helpful person i have had to deal with in 30 years of business." Jock Fordyce Layfords

"This letter also gives me the chance to say how much I appreciate igus UK - the people, the service and the products you supply. The product range is truly amazing and well worth the effort." Kevin Hunt Remote Engineering Systems limited

"Very impressed with the service. Best company he has dealt with in a long time." Mr Martin Mckelvie KSI Services

"I have now received your sample. Many thanks again for your repeatedly excellent customer service!"
Michael Farrow Marshall Specialist Vehicles

"I just wanted to say thank you very much for your help in getting the 7 core igus cable to us quicker than the lead time. This is now on its way to the Far East!"
Victoria Nottle

"Thank you igus UK for your help - and over a weekend! Everything I've read about your company was positive but sorting my order over a weekend goes beyond customer service. " Dean Hodson Image Factory, Chesterfield

"I had a situation with an igus® chain system generated by an American supplier who had fitted the wrong component in the chain :- I am writing to express my satisfaction of the way the UK sales/support staff handled the situation. Your staff could not have been more helpful and your engineer in Scotland went out of his way to support me and identified the reason for the problem." Mr Andrew Cochrane Tannlin Limited

"It is refreshing to find a company that deals in a way which promotes trust between parties. To my mind, one of the most important parts of a business (and one of the most satisfying) is the relationship between people, nice to get back to a little more human contact.  By the way, the speed of service and technical support provided by igus UK is superb." Ian Bamford Tuskguard Ltd.

"Even as a very small customer/inventor I have always admired your products and enterprise. Was it in 1992 we first became acquainted? However, you have become gigantic in the meantime but still keep in touch with "minnows" like myself. Congratulations! and keep up the good work!"
Sandy Simpson Definitive Projects Limited

"Why do I buy from igus®? Apart from their knowledgeable sales engineers, fast delivery and can-do attitude? Here's a comment from one of my customers during a sales negotiation for more new machines: 'You're not giving much away with an extended warranty as your equipment never goes wrong'. I buy igus® bearings, because - when I fit them into my designs - they don't go wrong."
Jim Mason, Director Codeology Ltd

"Since my dealings with igus®, I can honestly say there is nothing that I don’t like - you’ll be pleased to hear. Since my recent purchase the delivery was swift, customer service great and after sales support just as good. Only yesterday did I receive a call asking was I happy with everything, yes and no was the answer but more my fault than igus’s, so straight away your caller put me directly in touch with my regional sales engineer and am due a visit today to resolve my issue. Great!" John Darling, Company Engineer Retainagroup Limited

"I can honestly inform you that whenever I contact igus® UK through phone, e-mail or fax, my enquiries are always answered quickly and efficiently, helpfully and politely. I have no problems with igus® UK and I hope to be sending more enquiries and orders in the future. Many thanks once again." Paulette WorthyBF Component Solutions Limited

"igus® UK has the right product, at the right price with the right availability."
Neil Darracott, Director Xolve Ltd

"I buy from igus® UK, because they are a very friendly company to deal with. They always seem to have the stock that I need and the prices are fine. Keep up the good work!" Rita Wilks Buckinghamshire Fasteners

"The plastic bearings from igus® UK are ideal in my food plant designs due to their clean lines and non corrosive properties. " Matthew Cottam, Engineering Manager Coates Engineering Limited

"I always use Energy Chains from igus® UK as I have used them before and been more than happy with the trouble-free results. igus® provides excellent service and technical advice via the local engineer. They also have a good range of suitable cables." Mick Whitehead Patriot Mechanical Handling Limited

"The products, service and technical back-up at igus® UK is cheerfully given; I assume igus personnel all enjoy their work and that is reflected, intrinsically, in the brand and its offerings." Mike Gibbs Vega Resources Limited

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