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New plastic clamp concept from igus® for triflex® R energy chains on cobots15/03/2019

Collaborative robots, or cobots, are mainly used as assistants in simple or interactive activities and, in contrast to large and fast industrial robots, work hand in hand with humans.

Video of the Week – How igus® ready-to-use systems enhance warehouse efficiency08/03/2019

Shuttle systems or ‘shuttle robots’ automatically store and retrieve goods in warehouse racking. Enhancing storage capacity, these highly dynamic systems are designed for high throughput rates and often operate 24/7.

Video of the Week – Why this year’s UK Manufacturing Review should be top of your reading list01/03/2019

In this week’s video, managing director Matthew Aldridge presents the latest issue of the UK Manufacturing Review.

Video of the Week – How igus® motion plastics keep AGVs moving22/02/2019

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are revolutionising warehouses, where everything works automatically, is self-sufficient and, even, self-learning.

Predict wear or failures before they happen: igus® smart plastics for high value industrial operations19/02/2019

Since its launch in 2016, igus has developed its family of smart plastics with improved ‘isense’ sensors and monitoring modules that add intelligence to energy chains and moving cables.

Video of the Week – How igus® enables intelligent monitoring of moving cables in smart factories14/02/2019

This week’s video demonstrates the CF.Q module, which monitors the health of bus cables in e-chains after the warranty period expires and recommends maintenance or replacement in good time.

igus® dryve D1 and D3 motor controllers for automation systems14/02/2019

In addition to its drylin E linear axes with DC motors, igus has now developed a cost-effective and easy-to-use control system.

Video of the Week – How igus® zigzag e-chains take centre stage08/02/2019

Since its opening in 2011, the Kauffman Center for the performing arts in Kansas City, Missouri has hosted over 2.5 million guests and many notable performers.

igus® shows how its zigzag e-chains® take centre stage at this year’s ABTT07/02/2019

This year at Alexandra Palace, visitors to the igus stand (L2) will meet industry manager for stage technology, Thomas Piepenbring and theatre industry and e-spool specialist, Matt Downes who will be demonstrating technology innovations made with the modern theatre in mind.

Video of the Week – How e-chains® help guide and protect cables and hoses01/02/2019

When cables and hydraulic lines connect to a moving machine component, such as a telescopic loader, there are several ways to allow the movement.

Video of the Week – How low-cost automation is made simple with igus®29/01/2019

In this week’s video, we see all the lubrication free elements from igus combined into a fully-tailored low cost automation system.

igus® ice-chain keeps equipment moving in freezing temperatures24/01/2019

In order to prevent cable management systems seizing up during wintery conditions, igus has developed a new energy chain, called ice-chain.

New chainflex® CF8821 data cable for e-chains®, with guaranteed service life and UL approval22/01/2019

igus introduces the CF8821 data cable as a cost-effective alternative to standard chainflex cable for builders of equipment with low duty cycles, such as adjustment devices, encoder units, and wood or stone processing machines.

Video of the Week – How high performance polymer parts are used in utility vehicles18/01/2019

Utility vehicles, including buses, telescopic loaders and commercial good vehicles, have to withstand very tough working conditions and need to work reliably even in bad weather.