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Move high loads easily with lubrication-free igus® ball transfer units30/04/2019

igus introduces advanced polymer ball transfer units for use on ball tables to ensure five times more load bearing capacity. These conveyor tables transport delicate or heavy goods in multiple directions. Made of the high-performance plastic xirodur B180, the ball transfer units can absorb loads of up to 500 N. Stainless steel balls inside the roller allow smooth running. Ball tables are used wherever sensitive or heavy loads are transported from A to B: items such as circuit boards, food, goods in airports, glass panes or goods in the sheet metal processing industry. By using ball transfer units in the conveyor tables, loads can be transferred quickly and easily in any direction. Being dimensionally identical to metallic ball transfer units is where the similarity ends, all igus units are lubrication-free and maintenance-free, ensuring no lubricating grease can adhere to the goods. By using a plastic ball, these rollers are ideal for transporting delicate goods in the food and drinks industry. Another advantage compared to metal: the ball transfer units can be used in any installation position, whether horizontal, vertical or overhead, which now also extends the field of application to the furniture industry. The new polymer ball transfer units have an optimised housing interior, so they can now take up to five times more load than before. They are currently available in three installation sizes and, depending on their size, withstand an axial load of 150 to 500 N. The xirodur B180 material is very abrasion-resistant, has a long service life and an electrically insulating effect. The rollers are mounted by simply pressing into the housing. If the engineer wants to additionally secure the polymer ball transfer unit, a special clamping ring is available for extra security. Glass balls are also available for metal-free and therefore non-magnetic applications. For more information about the new ball transfer units from igus, please visit: http:// or call igus directly on: 01604 677240