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21-metre e-spool from igus® manages cables and hoses without slip-rings02/06/2019

Above or below stage, the igus e-spool cable management system solves many different application problems for the theatre and stage industry. With a slip-ring-free cable drum, the compact system can safely guide power, audio, bus, fibre optic cables or even fluids together in one system. Now the e-spool is available for travel lengths of up to 21 metres with either spring- or motor-driven retraction options. In stage technology, e-spool is used wherever cables need to be moved safely and flexibly in the tightest of spaces. The compact cable management system is an alternative to the classic cable drum but with two major differences: e-spool is the only system that can carry not only energy but also all media such as data, compressed air and fluids together in one system, by combining two different cable management systems in one. A standard e-chain, which is guided by a deflection pulley, always ensures the correct length and tension of the system with an integrated return spring. An igus twister belt manages rotary cable movement. Another difference is that the need for an expensive slip ring, which limits the management to one cable, is eliminated. Instead, the e-spool can manage a wide variety of different cables and hoses in a very compact space. Each can be exchanged or added at any time. The new 21-metre e-spool is the result of industry demand and experience gained in recent years and closes the gap between the spring-loaded standard e-spool for pull-out lengths of up to 14 metres and the motor-driven e-spool for large-scale projects, for example in opera houses. The design of the new e-spool features extra struts, a stronger all-round housing and a reinforced base plate as retraction protection ensures that the payload and extension length are balanced. To withstand the higher forces, the developers also optimised the mechanism for spring force adjustment. The 21-metre e-spool is available either as a spring-loaded version with two HD springs or as a motor-driven version with a built-in motor. For more information, please visit,