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Video of the Week – Why E2.1 e-chains® are quieter, stronger and quicker to fill17/11/2019

The E2.1 e-chain is the igus standard for small to medium applications. Offering a long service life, quiet operation and easy filling, it is suitable for use in general engineering and machine tool construction. In this week’s video we see how easy it is to open the E2.1 e-chain from the side or top along the inner or outer radius using a screwdriver. Using the igus e-chain opener a 1 metre length can be opened in just 2 seconds. Inner heights of 10, 15, 26, 38 and 48 mm are available as standard. A special design feature of the E2.1 is the lens-shaped brake at the stop-dog of the chain links; this ensures quiet chain travel with low vibration and noise. igus also offers a complete interior separation range consisting of lean separators with rounded edges to ensure long service life of hoses and cables. For side-mounted applications there are notch separators that ensure a secure fit. To watch the video, which shows how easy the E2.1 is to assemble, please visit: For more information about the E2.1 Series, please visit: or call igus directly on: 01604 677240