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iglidur A230 clip bearings

Flexible plain bearings for sheet metal in the food industry

Compliant according to FDA and EU10/2011​

The new iglidur A230 clip bearings can be easily clipped into sheet metal without getting lost.  ​

Specially developed for the food sector, the material formulation is particularly suitable for machines and systems with food contact due to its optically easily detectable colouring, low moisture absorption and conformity to FDA and EU10/2011 guidelines.  ​

Tech up

Tech up

  • FDA and EU10/2011-compliant
  • Visually very well detectable
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Suitable for use in the food industry and medical technology

Cost down

Cost down



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Tech up & cost down in the food industry

We have developed iglidur® A230 clip bearings for this purpose

In food processing, trays are not only used for baking cakes. In packaging and processing machines, many moving parts are guided or supported in constructions of thin-walled metal parts.  ​

The holes in these sheets are often imprecisely punched or lasered. Conventional plain bearings, however, generally require precise fits in order to ensure a captive press fit.  ​

This is where the clip plain bearing series from iglidur  comes into play. Due to the undercut, these bearings are captive even with inaccurate holes. The new material iglidur A230 additionally ensures that the system can be designed according to EU10/2011 and FDA requirements and is resistant to many aggressive cleaning agents.  ​

Assembly of an iglidur clip bearing

Installation in two steps

  • Simply press in plain bearings axially
  • Check the correct position of the plain bearing
  • Done! The bearing is now ready for use

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