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Brexit: what you need to know

In these changing times, our mission remains clear; Ensure that the supply of igus® motion plastics continues to be maintained to all customers, across the UK and the world.

The UK formally left the EU on 1st January 2021 and igus® has prepared for every foreseeable outcome. Measures that we have taken include:

• Appointment of an official customs agent (Dachser)

• Increase of the deferment bond to eliminate any UK border delays

• Appointment of Montgomery and UPS as official customs agents for export deliveries made to both Northern Ireland, Eire (and other EU countries)

• Review and test of all internal processes to ensure that customer requirements can be satisfied

• Evaluation of inventory master planning controls to ensure customer lead times are minimised

• Documentation of all necessary information with regards to country of origin, commodity code and weight.

Whether you are a UK customer who exports our product, or an EU customer who imports our product, igus® is ready to provide all of the legal information required.

igus UK packing

What about customers located in Northern Ireland or Eire/EU?

To help ensure uninterrupted supplies to Northern Ireland and the rest of EU we politely request your assistance with the following:

1. Confirmation of company EORI number. This information will need to be seen on the face of customs invoices to both Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland. This will be a legal requirement.

For reference, the igus® UK EORI number is GB 581 1684 31000.

2. Note that orders placed have the option between using Incoterms DAP (default) or EXW. This is in addition to the option of arranging a collection from the igus® facility in Northampton, should this be preferable.
(DAP = Delivered At Place; EXW = Ex-Works)

All igus® products are shipped to our customers in Eire from the igus® factory in Northampton.  We are working on a new logistics model which would see standard catalogue parts shipped directly from Cologne to the Republic of Ireland.  There are a number of challenges with doing this (including VAT registration in Eire), but we are working through these problems one by one, with the goal of having a working system within the next few weeks.  Thank you for your patience while we do this!
It is also worth noting that all customers can pay in Euros, therefore avoiding any currency fluctuations, this has always been an option for igus® customers.  The country of origin is declared on all export documentation, and this is usually DE (Germany) for igus® parts. 

Customs declaration and administration

The following charges apply for customs & administration for all shipments (DAP incoterms) to Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

Northern Ireland; parcels = £5 each, pallets = £10 each
Eire; parcels =€12 each, pallets =€100 each

These charges do not apply to ex-works (EXW incoterms) or free carrier (FCA incoterms) shipments

Import/Export declaration

chainflex® CE and UKCA marking after Brexit

Find out more about post Brexit UKCA markings here.

Are there any useful links which may help?

• UK Gov information for EORI registration -
• UK Gov Brexit transition -

• If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact our representatives
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