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igus® supports!

It is nice to sit at a computer to develop and design a project. But there comes a stage when you would like to be able to handle it. This is the point at which many students fail, unfortunately, because they lack the necessary financial or material means.
If you have an interesting project but you lack the means to put it into practice, this page will show you how you can obtain assistance from igus® as part of the young engineers support.

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What information do we need from you?

If you are interested in our sponsoring your project, we will need the following information:

A detailed as possible project description with the tasks posed, potential problems and your approach to their solution

Information on the current progress of your project

An assessment of which products of your products you would like to deploy and/or the level of financing you require

What you can expect from us:

We cannot of course positively respond to all queries. However if we decide to support you in your undertaking, we would do it 100%. It means:

We would treat you like our customer in matters of quickness, friendliness and service

You would be allotted a personal product manager, who would support and advise you in all situations.

You would receive cost-free samples or student-friendly discounts on products

What we expect from you:

We know that as a student you have other obligations besides your studies. However we expect you to keep us abreast of your project and after completion to upload a report on our home page. This is not at all intended to be a nuisance, but is meant to popularize your project and to show where all the igus® products are used. Moreover you have the possibility to compete for the vector or manus® award with this project report and win up to € 5000 for an innovative application of igus® products.


Have we sparked your interest in receiving support? Then get in touch with me:

igus® young engineers support (yes)
Anja Görtz
Tel.+49 (0) 2203-96 49 655