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DC direct-current motors drylin® E - ready to ship within 24 hours

Torque-resistant in three installation sizes

Simple linear motions can be made with DC motors for the operation with a voltage of 12V to 24V. The small quiet motors are connected to a power supply unit or directly to a battery via low-profile connectors. You can change the direction of the motion by switching the poles. The torque created by the DC direct-current motors lies between 0.1Nm and 1.8Nm, depending on the type. The speed is 22rpm to 440rpm, leading to a linear speed of 0.55mm/s to 300mm/s.

Direct-current motor with spur gear drylin E

Direct-current motors with spur gear

  • Torque [Nm] from 0.1Nm to 1.8Nm
  • Speed up to 440rpm
  • Can be operated at 12 & 24VDC

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DC direct-current motor with planetary gear drylin E

Direct-current motor with planetary gear

  • Torque from 0.025Nm up to 0.21Nm
  • Speed up to 463rpm
  • Can be operated at 12 & 24VDC

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DC direct-current motor with worm gear drylin E

Direct-current motor with worm gear

  • With spline
  • Torque from 0.75Nm up to 2.00Nm
  • Speed up to 350rpm

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The product finder for electric linear drives

Find the right direct-current motor and linear system in only a few steps

Assemble the suitable direct-current motor quickly and easily in just a few steps with our linear system. Simply configure with the online tool, request and at the same time calculate the service life of the system.  

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drylin E product finder - direct-current motor in drive technology by igus®

Direct-current motor with protective housing

The Protect motor housing prevents the ingress of particles of any kind. At the same time, the housing contains the appropriate motor connector for easy connection, with protection against occasional contact with water.

  • Torque [Nm] from 0.1Nm to 1.5Nm
  • Speed up to 440rpm
  • Can be operated at 12 & 24VDC
  • Increased operation reliability
  • Quick connection with M12 connector
  • For all drylin® E linear axes

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Direct-current motor drylin E with spur gear and protective housing

dryve D3 motor control system

For all drylin® E DC motors

The motor control system dryve D3 is a cost-effective control unit for direct-current motors and is ready to use immediately. Buttons and rotary controls on the housing make it possible to control linear carriages without a PC, laptop or tablet. Different starting modes and speeds are possible.  

  • Simple automation directly using the control system without software and/or PC
  • Operation with limit switch or using power consumption
  • Left/right operation and speed control directly on the housing
  • Option for external switches/joysticks
  • Various modes of operation, tip operation and continuous operation
  • Various adjustable acceleration ramps
  • Power supply via 24V / 2.5A

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dryve D3 motor control system for drylin E DC direct-current motors


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