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High variability at reduced costs

Application in the glass production

FAST/Z/25" is the marking of the design launched by Ernst Pennekamp GmbH & Co. OHG last year. FAST/Z/25 is compact, very quick and sensitive. It pushes hot glass products with temperatures around 500 ºC emerging from molding into a lehr oven. The FAST/Z/25 can execute fluent, superimposed movements exactly like a robot. This presents several advantages. On the one hand, the system is in a position to work almost without any stops. On the other hand, it allows much more flexibility in the arrangement of bottles on the conveyor belt. Pennekamp required an energy chain for the energy supply to the individual axes. The igus® triflex® R system with round cross section was decided. They can absorb high tensile strengths with their "ball and socket" joints and simultaneously enable the flexible movements in all axles with well-defined stop dogs for radius and torsion. Furthermore, the energy chain exhibit excellent mechanical properties; their smooth inner contours grant a very long holding times for the cables. For the adjustment of the chain in the application and for later maintenance, the triflex® R can be separated and reconnected at any point without having to cut or reconnect the end-to-end bearing element such as steel cables. The special exterior design prevents the chain from getting caught in the interfering edges and avoids cable damage through broken glass to the utmost. In case of an energy supply failure occurring through external influences, the snap-open mechanism on the mounting bracket enables a lightning fast replacement.

Unlimited application potentials

The triflex® system is most impressive when dealing in movements in more than two directions. They are primarily used in 6-axis robots found for instance in all environments in welding and painting applications, in the adhesives and grinding technologies, and also in the assembly of transmission systems or in tightening processes. It is also used in the selective compliance assembly robot arm (SCARA) at extremely high speeds. Fiber rods can be integrated in triflex® R in order to assimilate selective cambers. They grant the energy supply a certain arrangement and for instance keep them away from interfering edges. In conventional systems, this would partly require complex springs, linkages and guide systems. Besides the increased space requirement and new interfering edges, these external elements exert additional forces on the energy supply system creating several disadvantages.

triflex® R on Robots Pennekamp uses the igus® triflex® R system for the energy supply to the axles. igus® supplies the complete cable set with connectors, energy chain and mounting brackets as readychain®.

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