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Front loader test rig live

Impact of weather just like in real-life practice

The front loader test rig is part of the 2,750 sq.m. large test laboratory for motion plastics®.
The aim of this set-up is to test various plain bearing/shaft combinations for the agricultural and construction machine sector under practical conditions.
Each test examines various combinations in a direct comparison. This makes it possible to test various iglidur® materials on one side, and metallic bearings on the other.
Thus, the test rig allows us to compare existing customer solutions (such as steel bushings, metal-rolled bearings with Teflon coating, bronze bearing, etc.) in the real application with maintenance-free iglidur® plain bearings.
The results are not only important with regard to front loaders, but can also be transferred to other applications in the heavy load sector. Similar parameters can generally be found in all applications which are driven by a hydraulic cylinder.
We would be happy to offer you a test for your plain bearing application. According to the required parameters, of course, further test rigs are available to test the application as close to real conditions as possible.

iglidur® Q290  
iglidur® Q290

Lubrication-free shaft specialist at high load.

iglidur® Q290  
Product overview iglidur®

Lubrication-free and maintenance-free iglidur® plain bearings.

Basic data of the test rig:

Tank Volume flow rate Operating pressure Motor Control system
300 l 66 l/min 220 bar max. 11 kW PLC controlled with 10" touch display

Various modes possible

Drives Vibration operation Max. load Vmax
Single trip Simple 500 kg (freely selectable) 4 cycl. /min at full pivot
Single trip combined Multiple
Synchronous drive

Previous test results

Front loader test P1 P2 P3


Pivot angle: 55°
Load: 22 MPa


Pivot angle: 48°
Load: 29.5 MPa


Pivot angle: 7°
Load: 29.5 MPa

Front loader test rig

Wear pivoting; single drive mode;
Bearing point P1

Bearing point P1:
Pivot angle: 55°; Load: 22 MPa

Test results:

The lowest wear rate here is the combination of the plain bearing material iglidur® Z with a hard-chromed CF53 shaft. The iglidur® Q290 material offers a cost-effective 100% corrosion-free solution in combination with a 304 stainless steel shaft. These test results also reflect our practical experience.
The test with the lubricated steel bearing was terminated prematurely as the system began to seize.

Bearing point P1  
Bearing point P1  

Front loader test rig

Wear pivoting; single drive mode;
Bearing point P2

Bearing point P2:
Pivot angle: 48°; Load: 29.5 MPa

Test results:

The iglidur® J material shows consistently good results. Notwithstanding that this material has the lowest permissible surface pressure of all the materials tested here! In addition, a good example with regard to metallic bearings: "hard" does not mean wear-resistant at the same time! As in the test "Bearing point 1", the test with the lubricated steel bearing was also discontinued in this experiment.
The images of the test combination iglidur® Z on hard-chromed shafts show no damage or run-in traces.

Bearing point P2  
Bearing point P2  

Front loader test rig

Wear pivoting; single drive mode;
Bearing point P3

Bearing point P3:
Pivot angle: 7°; Load: 29.5 MPa

Test results:

Although the sliding path is lowest due to the lowest pivot angle of 7° at this bearing location, the experiment with the lubricated steel bushings was discontinued early. One reason could be that the situation of a lack of lubrication can occur even faster at smaller pivot angles. We will test this in further experiments.

Bearing point P3  
Bearing point P3  
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