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SHTP econ linear modules

Small, lightweight and cost-effective.

SHTP linear modules are the most cost-effective econ models in the SHT series. SHTP shaft end supports and carriages are injection moulded. The materials for both the shaft and the lead screw can be selected. This allows an extremely light design featuring carbon or aluminium shafts to be achieved. Stainless steel shafts make it a very resistant solution. And for a lead screw drive, either a self-locking trapezoidal thread or a fast dryspin® high helix thread.
Special properties: 

  • Lightweight construction due to a combination of polymer and aluminium   
  • Designed for fast assembly
  • Cost-effective due to injection moulding and clear anodised surface

Installation sizes for the SHT econ series

SHT econ miniature linear module version


Miniature version

  • Miniature version   
  • Lightweight
  • Thread: M8
  • Max. stroke length: 300 mm
  • Max. load capacity 
    • axial: 50 N
    • radial: 50 N
  • Carriage length: 45mm

drylin SHTP econ linear module


The lightweight SHT introductory model

  • Flat and especially lightweight design
  • Ideal for multi-carriage solution
  • Thread: Tr08x1.5
  • Max. stroke length: 350mm
  • Max. load capacity:
    • axial: 100 N
    • radial 400 N
  • Carriage length: 26mm

drylin SHTP econ linear module

SHTP-01-12 & SHTP-02-12-AWM

The especially solid SHT version

  • Solid design
  • Thread: Tr10
  • Max. stroke length: 500 mm
  • Max. load capacity:
    • axial: 200 N
    • radial 400 N
  • Carriage length: 30 mm

drylin SHTP-01-12-AWM-FF econ linear module with fast-forward function


For horizontal applications

  • Brake due to self-locking
  • Thread: Tr10
  • Max. stroke length: 500 mm
  • Max. load capacity:
    • axial: 200 N
    • radial 400 N
  • Carriage length: 55 mm

Fast Forward for SHTP-01-12-AWM-FF

Quick release for manual adjustment

  • An option for lead screw linear axes
  • Only effective threads with a self-locking mechanism (trapezoidal threads)
  • Quick adjustment with nut disengagement – precise positioning with a hand wheel via the lead screw
  • Use in horizontal installation position only

Quick-release for linear modules with lead screw drive
press➔disengage➔move manually➔click into place➔fine tune

Configure linear module with lead screw drive online

Configure an individual SHT linear module online

  • To the custom SHT lead screw linear module in just a few steps
  • Optional configuration of an individual drive pin
  • Automatic 3D model creation
  • Linear module export in many different 2D and 3D formats
  • 2D dimensional drawing of the module as a PDF
  • Complete parts list available as PDF download

Configure and order an SHT linear module

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