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drylin® SLW stainless steel linear module

Ideal for use under extreme conditions

Stainless steel version of the multifaceted SLW linear module series with corrosion-resistant steel components (1.42305, AISI 316, or AISI 316Ti). In installation sizes 1040 and 2080, the stainless steel linear module can be delivered with three different plain bearing materials.  
The plain bearing material can be selected: depending on the ambient conditions, you can select standard, FDA compliant or a high-temperature plain bearing.  
Plain bearing materials:
iglidur® J = standard
iglidur® A180 = FDA compliant
iglidur® X = High temperature up to +250°C


  • Food industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Chemical industry

SLW-ES technical drawing Click the arrow to enlarge

Stainless steel drylin SLW linear module


  • Max. stroke length: 750mm
  • Shaft Ø: 10mm
  • Carriage length: 100mm
  • Max. static load capacity:
    • axial: 700 N
    • radial: 2800 N

Stainless steel drylin SLW linear module


  • Max. stroke length: 1000mm
  • Shaft Ø: 20 mm
  • Carriage length: 150mm
  • Max. static load capacity:
    • axial: 1600 N
    • radial: 6400 N

drylin® SLW-ES – stainless steel linear module

Available in the following designs:

SLW-ESJ = with standard plain bearings
SLW-ESA180 = FDA-compliant plain bearings
SLW-ESX = high-temperature plain bearings up to +250°C

Technical options for the SLW-ES series

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