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Powerful bearings in innovative ski sledge seat

The bearings in this sledge are compact, light, thin, easy to install and maintenance-free.

This innovative sledge allows you to ski sitting down. It is steered with the feet and tilted with the hands. In a model suitable for the disabled, the steering and tilt are controlled with the hands. The sledge has four rotary axes, on which sleeve bearings and fixed flange bearings made of iglidur G are used. They easily meet the requirements for lightweight construction, freedom from maintenance and simple installation.


  • What was needed: Plain bearings made of iglidur G
  • Requirements: Compactness, lightness, thinness, ease of assembly, freedom from maintenance and performance of the plain bearings
  • Industry: Medical technology, sport
  • Success for the customer: The plain bearings made of iglidur G combine the requirements demanded by the manufacturer in one system. This meant that all rotary axes could be equipped with the right product version from a single source.

Ski sledge


This application is an innovative sledge, the "Skionic", which allows you to ski sitting down. This makes the product a world's first. The structure can be controlled with the feet, while the inclination of the ski system is influenced by the hands. In a separate version suitable for the disabled, both the steering and the tilt can be controlled by the hands. Skionic is produced at an NGO/aid organisation in Lebanon (NGO is called arcenciel, see
The challenge lay in the bearing of the four rotary axes that the sledge has. Since high loads are placed on the system, the bearings should at the same time be compact as well as light, thin, easy to install, maintenance-free and efficient.


Today, plain bearings made of iglidur G, are used on all four rotary axes, which combine all five requirements for compactness, lightness, thinness, ease of installation, freedom from maintenance and performance. Seven plain bearings are used for the four joints on one sledge: Two iglidur G flange bushings (GFI-1618-16) and one iglidur G glide bushing (GSI-1618-24) are used for the rotary axes of the rear ski joints. The manufacturer also relies on two iglidur G flange bushings (GFI-1618-16) for the rotary axis of the middle tilt lever, as well as an iglidur G flange bushing (GFI-1618-16) and a glide bushing (GSI-1618-16) for the rotary axis of the front ski. The version for the disabled uses the same plain bearings. Smaller plain bearings (GFI- or GSI-1214) are used for the children's version.

Ski sledge
Ski sledge

phoenus, Nicolas Abouchaar, Taanayel, Lebanon

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