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Air and space travel

The European Space Organization (ESA) is planning to send the ExoMars-Mission to the red planet by 2020. Its task is to analyse its geochemical features – and one focus is the search for water. For the mission “ExoMars 2018”, SENER Poland develops and manufactures the “Umbilical Release Mechanism” (URM). This mechanism shall link the unmanned Mars rover with the transfer vehicle – URM ensures the power supply after landing on the surface of the planet: This mechanism ensures the electrical connection between the Rover and the landing platform during start- cruise-, entrance- and phase of relegation and landing. There are two URMs on the vehicle – one nominal and one redundant. The system needs to fulfil high technical expectations: Radiation, temperature and dust are only some of the challenges, which mark the extreme Mars environment. The bearings need to work at temperatures down to – 80° C in a vacuum and need to be lubrication-free. igus® delivers exactly the products that are demanded for this mission.

Mechanism in aerospace technology

SENER Sp. z o.o, Andrzej Wolski, Warsaw, Poland

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