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iglidur SG03 plain bearing and thrust washer with felt seal

Prevent ingress of dirt

iglidur® SG03 plain bearings with felt seals

The SG03 felt seal prevents the ingress of dirt and dust into bearing points and thus protects the bearing itself and the shaft against wear and early failure.

Tech up

Tech up

  • Clean bearings even with dirt and dust, thanks to felt seal
  • Ready-to-install solution

Cost down

Cost down



  • The natural felt seals perfectly against dust and dirt
  • In laboratory tests, a service life up to 50 times higher was achieved.



Bearings in dirty environments

Safe from dirt and dust

We have developed iglidur SG03 plain bearings for this purpose:

iglidur® plain bearings are generally insensitive to dirt and dust due to their lubrication-free dry operation. This is because the dirt does not remain in the bearing point for very long in most applications but can trickle through it. 
In applications with a very high dirt load such as in construction machines or agricultural equipment, however, this effect is not sufficient. In these cases, permanent relubrication is often a method used to force the dirt permanently out of the bearing point.  
With the new iglidur® SG03 sealing system, you can do without lubrication and nevertheless reliably keep dust and dirt out of the bearing point. Due to the absence of lubrication points, complicated lubricating grooves and complex feeding systems, you can save time and money and also profit from the advantages of the iglidur® plain bearing materials.    

What are iglidur materials made of?

All iglidur materials consist of three components: base polymers, fibres and fillers, solid lubricants, whereby the bearings made of iglidur materials are maintenance-free and lubrication-free. As it is not possible for one universal material to fulfil all tasks equally well, there are different iglidur materials. Each has a different composition of the three components and a different application area.

Base polymers

iglidur base polymers

The base polymers are responsible for the iglidur materials' wear resistance. They ensure that the lubricants are not subjected to a surface pressure that is too high.  

Fibres and fillers

iglidur base polymers with fibres

These components strengthen the materials so that they withstand high forces or edge loads and can be used continuously.  

Solid lubricants

USP picture

They lubricate components made of iglidur materials independently and prevent friction. They are distributed in the entire material in the form of microscopic particles.

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