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Wheel mount handling for automobiles

Smooth-running iglidur plain bearings facilitate daily wheel mount handling in the automotive industry

The rotation of a wheel mount unit from the horizontal to the vertical position is done via two pivot axes. Wittenbauer GmbH uses iglidur plastic plain bearings (QSM-2023-30, GFM-3034-26) as support. Since installation, the wheel mount handling system has been in daily use at the customer's without any problems. The operator has no problems pivoting the wheel carrier unit due to the smooth-running pivot axis.


  • What was needed: iglidur plain bearings
  • Requirements: Smooth-running bearing, which allows easy operation of the wheel mount handling with the least possible effort
  • Industry: Automotive industry
  • Success for the customer: iglidur plain bearings are lubrication-free and operate smoothly. Since installation, they have been in daily use without any problems, and the amount of work required to operate the wheel mount handling system has been reduced to a minimum.

Wheel mount handling


A wheel mount unit consists of a brake disc with bearing and drive stub (for all-wheel drive), a brake calliper and a steering knuckle. While such a complete wheel mount unit is delivered in the horizontal position, further transport takes place in the vertical position. A wheel mount handling system is used for this purpose, which simplifies the pivoting (transfer) of a wheel mount unit from the horizontal position to the vertical position. It must be simple, fast and require little effort.
The wheel mount unit is rotated via central pivot axes that are mounted on plain bearings. It must allow reliable but also smooth rotation so that the user is not physically burdened as much as possible.


As the pivoting must take place easily and with little effort, and the worker should be subjected to little physical strain, the pivoting axes are now mounted on iglidur plastic plain bearings.
Specifically, two iglidur plain bearings (QSM-2023-30) as well as four further iglidur plain bearings with flange (GFM-3034-26) are used in the wheel mount handling. The iglidur bearings are particularly light and work without external lubricants thanks to self-lubrication. This means they are maintenance-free and work reliably and always smoothly in wheel mount handling. Since the installation of the plain bearings, the wheel mount handling has been in daily use without any problems. The operator's effort is reduced to a minimum by a smooth-running rotary axis.


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