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igus® Ltd.

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robolink® test laboratory and current test results

robolink® joints in the endurance test robolink® joints in the endurance test

The robolink® test lab is used to test and continuously improve the lubrication-free robolink® single joints and gears. These include worm, shaft and cycloid gears, which are made from the proven igus high-performance plastics and, for example, aluminium, steel or stainless steel. Entire assemblies are also examined here for their function, service life, strength and failure scenarios in order to continuously develop the products further.
We also carry out tests for customers in order to better assess their application scenarios.

Key facts at a glance

About 300 experiments per year

5 test rigs with a total of 49 test stations

Approx. 10 customer tests per year

About 90% utilisation of the test laboratory on a regular basis

The performed robolink® tests are used to determine the tribological properties of different material combinations by means of wear and friction tests. In addition, there is a test rig where torque fluctuations, efficiency and backlash of the robolink® gear can be measured and evaluated electrically.

Motor with worm gear made from robolink® joint in load test Motor with worm gear made from robolink® joint in load test

Overview of current robolink® tests

What else is tested in the test lab?

In the igus test lab, thorough examination is performed not only for the robolink® components. iglidur® plain bearings, e-chains®, chainflex® cables and drylin® linear plain bearings, linear axes and lead screw modules are also thoroughly tested.