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iglidur® TX1 composite bearing

The heavy duty bearing

iglidur® TX1 composite bearings represent excellent load bearing capacity under high radial loads coupled with good abrasion resistance. The special design not only ensures excellent dimensional stability thanks to the long-fibre winding but also allows a lubrication and maintenance-free operation. This is down to solid lubricants embedded in the material. This is the only bearing material manufactured in this specialised manner. Other key features are:

  • Up to 200 MPa static and 140 MPa dynamic
  • More cost effective than competitors equivalents. 
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Composite bearings temperature parameters

iglidur® TX1 is a temperature stable material. The upper long-term application temperature of 120°C allows extensive use, e.g. in typical applications in the agricultural, commercial vehicle or construction vehicle sector. The press-in and push-out forces of iglidur® TX1 composite bearings are at a very high level over the entire temperature range, which makes an additional axial securing unnecessary. 

Mechanical properties

iglidur® TX1 plain bearings can withstand a high load capacity with good abrasion resistance. This is due to the special manufacturing process. This special design ensures high dimensional stability through the long fibre winding. It also allows a lubrication and maintenance-free operation possible with solid lubricants, ensuring a reliable low friction and wear resistant operation. The iglidur TX1 also is highly resistance to dirt and media, ensuring this bearing is a strong candidate as a metallic alternative. 

High wear rate in composite bearings compared to brass

Numerous tests have been completed at the igus® in-house laboratory in Cologne, comparing the wear rate of the iglidur® TX1 composite bearing to brass bearings. The results were that iglidur® TX1 bearings showed considerably less wear than the brass bearings when 10MPa of edge load was applied. The brass bearing became deformed and cracked under the pressure. There was also no difference in the results when different shaft materials were used. 

Alternatives to iglidur® TX1

If the iglidur® TX1 composite bearing doesn't quite fit your requirement, igus® has other specific iglidur® materials that have similar properties. 
The closest plain bearing material to the TX1 is the iglidur Q2E:

  • Service life in high load applications beyond 130 MPa
  • Optimised, efficient design for even better absorption of edge loads
  • Lubrication-free
  • Wear-resistant
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Corrosion-resistant

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