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chainflex® cables in CAE databases

The catalogue range of 1,354 igus® chainflex® cable types for use in energy chains has already been integrated in various CAE databases. We would like to expand this, to make it available at even more manufacturers. Currently, chainflex® cables are present in databases of EPLAN, WSCAD and OGE-XAO, which will make your daily work easier when developing circuit diagrams and parts list for your machinery. Via the links below you can download the offline data for your software.

CAE product database


EPLAN Software & Service has offered professional CAE/CAD industry solutions for 30 years and is one of the most successful providers with more than 110,000 installations in over 50 countries.


WSCAD offers fast and reliable E-CAD solutions with first-class functionality and simple operation. The WSCAD database already comprises 1.2 million items.

SEE Electrical

SEE Electrical is the modern electric CAD tool for continuous planning of electric projects. It is easy to learn and use and its performance and solution depth is strong – all of which guarantee a fast return on investment.

SEE Electrical Expert:

SEE Electrical Expert is the high-end solution from the product portfolio of IGE+XAO. With SEE you can start the planning process at any point, whether at the control cabinet, the cabling, the parts list or the circuit diagram. Hence, the user is free of the constraints of a previously defined process.

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