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Halogen-free cables - what are they?

Halogen-free cables are flexible cables whose materials are not processed with the elements of the halogen group. As non-conductors, halogens such as chlorine are excellent insulators and are therefore often used as jacket material for cables. The most common example of this is polyvinyl chloride (PVC). But the use of halogens also carries risks.When a plastic containing halogens burns, these halogens are released from the jacket and get into the breathing air. The combination with water produces an acid that is toxic to humans. Halogen-free is therefore particularly important if the user has to pay particular attention to the danger posed by a potential fire.

Halogen-free cable from igus

Where are halogen-free cables used?


Great attention should be paid to the use of halogen-free cables, especially in applications with increased fire hazard. So if a cable is used where there is an increased risk of fire, the absence of halogen excludes a risky source of hazard. For this reason, specifications clearly stipulate that only cables that are halogen-free are used in such applications.

Advantages of halogen-free cables


Halogen-free cables are free of elements such as bromine, fluorine, iodine or chlorine, which are all very reactive. Compared to conventional PVC-insulated cables, there are some advantages in the case of a fire. In the case of halogen-free cables no toxic or corrosive gases are released in a fire, which could be a threat to humans or buildings. In contrast to PVC cables, a dangerous elimination of halogen-containing combustion gases can be ruled out. Halogen-free cables can be used at higher temperatures than PVC cables.In addition to halogen-containing PVC cables, igus also uses halogen-free cables with jacket materials made of PUR (polyurethane elastomers) and TPE (thermoplastic elastomers). These are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 60754 and fulfil the requirements of halogen-free.

Halogen-free cables in case of sparks


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