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Discover the abrasion-resistant 3D printing innovations virtually

A milestone: intelligent 3D printed parts issue a warning in the event of wear or overloading
Special parts that are up to 50 times more durable and conform with food standards delivered in 1 to 3 days
Extremely rigid and strong: new, reinforced filament as multi-material component or for structural parts

Welcome to the virtual 3D printing exhibition by igus! We are looking forward to introducing you to our innovations from additive manufacturing with wear-resistant polymers in a flexible, personal and location-independent way. Discover our virtual trade show stand and meet our 3D printing experts during live presentations and in the context of virtual appointments at the trade show. You will see intelligent wear-resistant parts with integrated sensors, electrostatically dissipative laser sintering material, multi-material printing and many other innovations in the area of industrial 3D printing.

Individual tour only for you or your company - you decide what you want to see and how much time you have. I look forward to welcoming you to our virtual exhibition.

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New products

New 3D printing materials, methods and services

Intelligent 3D-printed wear-resistant parts 3D isense

intelligent 3D printing parts with sensors

Integrated sensors indicate maintenance and issue warning in case of overloading. Become a beta tester and be the first to benefit from the predictive maintenance with wear-resistant special parts.

Fibre-reinforced filament igumid P150

Fibre-reinforced 3D printing filament

The fibre-reinforced materials partner for multi-material printing with wear-resistant filaments and for structural parts

iglidur I6 SLS material for food contact

3D printing food-safe laser sintering FDA

The abrasion-resistant laser sintering plastic iglidur I6 complies with food conformity according to FDA and the EU Regulation 10/2011. Ready to ship in one to three days with the 3D printing service.

iglidur I8-ESD electrostatically dissipative

3D printed parts made of ESD material

Black laser sintering material for the fast manufacturing of electrostatically dissipative parts. Self-lubricating and suitable for the ATEX certification of devices for the explosion risk area. Ready to ship in four days with the 3D printing service.

iglidur I190 - abrasion-resistant, heat-resistant and structurally stable

iglidur I190 abrasion-resistant filament

The new all-rounder filament with improved properties for the fast manufacturing of abrasion-resistant parts.

More 3D printing news 2021

3D printing news

Find out more about our new materials, services and tools

Innovations for the 3D printer design

► Discover our self-lubricating solutions for the 3D printer design

New thread sizes in the dryspin high helix thread product range

Lead screw nuts and lead screws for the design of 3D printers

dryspin lead screw technology -  the lubrication-free alternative to ball screws. For the new screw sizes 6.35x2.54 LH, 12.7x12.7 as well as 10x3, 16x10, 20x5 and 5x10, dryspin now offers the matching high helix lead screws and high helix lead screw nuts.

New weight-reduces drylin W econ rail profiles

Linear rails for the 3D printer design

Linear rails made of aluminium with clear anodised coating (CA=clear anodised) are now available for the drylin W profile guides 10,16 and 20 with round shape. The new rails are 15% more cost-effective than the hard-anodised version and 66% lighter due to the use of aluminium instead of steel.

New, improved standard - e-chains from the Series E2.1

Energy chain cable guide design 3D printer

More installation space, easy filling and assembly and long service life are the benefits of the Series E2.1. The energy chain stands out due to extremely fast filling from the side or from the top – either on the inner or outer radius, using a chain opener or screwdriver.  

igus autumn news for compact presentation of 3D printing

In this presentation, Tom Krause, head of additive manufacturing at igus, shows the latest innovations in the area of 3D printing with wear-resistant polymers. Find out more about 3D isense - 3D printed components with integrated sensors which can help to prevent overloading and damage due to wear, and the multi-material printed method, without which this would not be possible. A further important innovation for 2-component 3D printing is our new fibre-reinforced material igumid P150, which enables us to print light, extremely stable and simultaneously wear-resistant parts. See how Tom presents self-lubricating components that conform with food standards and can be manufactured in just one day with the laser sintering procedure, and find out more about our free CAD configurators and the new adaptation options offered by our online 3D printing service.


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