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Bus cable solutions for high data transfer

What is a bus cable?

The bus cable stands for a data connection that connects all participants with each other via a transmission path. Bus cables are designed for high transmission rates of up to 10 Gb and therefore differ from simple data cables because they are adapted to the respective bus system according to specification in order to comply with the specified attenuation values, capacities and characteristic wave impedances.

  • All commonly used bus systems with mechanical features
  • Six different outer jacket materials
  • Simple selection matrix for a good overview
  • Reliable data transmission

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Bus cable overview

bus cables

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Types of bus cables

More about bus cables

As automation has expanded over the past few years, data transmission requirements have risen steadily. Distances across which data is moved from sensor to evaluation unit are simple 1:1 connections. Data cables used to handle this. Now they are being replaced, bit by bit, with bus systems, which allow faster, more complex communication within the system. It requires the associated bus cables, which are good at transmitting digital signals with their steep flanks. These cables are, so to speak, special data cables that are built specifically for the requirements of the bus system in question. In the simplest case, this might be colour and core/cross section or certain capacitive or inductive properties that allow the necessary characteristic wave impedance. Today, these cables are the basis for familiar bus systems such as Profibus, Profinet and CAN bus, but also USB and CC-Link. We will show you the features that allow continuously functioning data transmission here.

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