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igus® Ltd.

Caswell Road

Northampton, NN4 7PW

01604 677240

The flexible igus® factory by Nicholas Grimshaw

Excerpt of the architect’s briefing

"In October 1988, igus® acquired a plot of about 40,000 square metres in the Porz-Lind district of Cologne. This will be the future site of development, production, sales, administration and planning. All activities should have their core here, where igus® will have its headquarters. igus® has made preparations for fast growth, fast change and flexible response in all areas, accompanied by steady consolidation of the enterprise's overall position. Offering the necessary facilities and technology, the new "igus® factory" will also be designed to promote staff performance. The interior and exterior will be designed to reflect the enterprise’s products and key philosophy: innovation - service - reliability, the customer being comparable to a solar system’s centre orbited by all igus® staff and igus® entities dedicated to solving the customer’s problems."

Factory design

Sketch of the architect

Factory model

Model of the factory

igus® factory

Ready built buildings

The factory today

The move took place in 1994. Since then, the factory has grown: today, igus produces, tests and researches on a built area of 90,000 square metres. This includes surrounding buildings, amongst others, for further production, technical training and a large logistics centre. In the course of the expansion of the factory, we have, together with a consistent lean management, examined all areas: from marketing and administration, research and development, tooling and production up to warehousing and distribution.
With a 3,800 square metre testing area indoors, igus operates the largest test laboratories in the industry, with test setups for energy chains, highly flexible cables, plastic bearing technology such as plain bearings, ball bearings and linear bearings, lead screw drives, bar stock, piston rings etc. A total of 15,000 tests are carried out annually. 100,000 products can be supplied within 24 hours or on a same-day basis.

Research and development

igus test lab