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Tech up,
& Cost down

now with drylin® drive technology

Determine your personal savings potential NOW*

*Whether we are talking about savings in terms of time or money spent on installation, selection, design etc., or about technical improvement in the form of ease of installation, durability etc., if we are unable to show you any savings or technical improvement, we will recommend an alternative solution.

Tech up, Cost down with drylin® drive technology

Cost down

Cost down

Always the most cost-effective drive technology that works.
With igus® drylin® drive technology.

Overengineering is a thing of the past. The best drive technology does not have to be the most expensive one.
Determine the drive technology with the best price-performance ratio for your application in a flash – online and in just a few steps.


Service life calculation for drylin® linear technology


Online configuration in just a few steps

  • Get to the custom SHT lead screw linear system in just a few steps
  • Optional configuration of an individual drive pin
  • Automatic generation of a 3D model of the linear system
  • Export of the linear system in many different 2D and 3D formats
  • 2D dimensional drawing of the module as a PDF
  • Complete parts list available as PDF download
  • And many more

Online linear module configuration

▲ Tech up

▲Tech up

drylin® drive technology is maintenance-free

drylin® drive technology moves with plastic bearings made of high-performance polymers. This means that you need not a single drop of lubrication. Dispensing of lubrication means no maintenance for you. This also saves a great deal of maintenance costs.

More about maintenance-free drive technology
drylin® drive technology is maintenance-free
Corrosion-free drylin® drive technology

▲Tech up

Very quiet drive technology

drylin® drive technology is based on the plain bearing principle instead of recirculating ball systems. As a result, significantly less noise and vibration is generated. The application is up to four times quieter for the operator.  

More about quiet drive technology

▲Tech up

Extremely simple plain bearing replacement

The innovative WJ200UMA-01-AL pillow block from the drylin® product range makes it possible to replace the plain bearing liner even more easily without complicated disassembly work. The tool supplied makes it possible to exchange the plain bearing liner within seconds. This saves valuable time and costs!

To WJ200UMA pillow block
Simpler and faster replacement of plain bearings in drylin drive technology

▼ Cost down

Cost-effective drylin® econ linear technology

▼Cost down

Costs up to 30% less than comparable solutions

drylin drive technology distinguishes itself from its metallic counterparts not only with its technical advantages, such as elimination of lubrication and maintenance requirements, but also in price (up to 30% more cost-effective). The drylin econ series is especially cost-effective.

To the drylin® econ series

▼Cost down

Reduce costs by up to 36.1% – drylin® E motors for your drive technology

You can find a large selection of EC/BLCD motors and DC motors in our online shop. drylin E series motors cost up to 36.1% less.

Go to drylin® E motors
drylin E motors are cost-effective

Do you need other cost comparisons for your drive technology to determine your savings potential? We advise you! It's our job!


∎Testing without lubrication

drylin drive technology in bend testing devices

Lead screw linear unit for welding seam bend testing device

igus drive technology allows testing welds for quality. In igus drive technology, a drylin SHT linear unit is used here as standard, which enables the adjustment of a bending die. As a result, bending specimens with a maximum force of up to 5,000N are conceivable. "Munsch Kunststoff-Schweißtechnik GmbH" relies on a complete solution with electric drive in the form of a gear motor.

Read more.

Further customer references
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No lubrication necessary

Our drive technology requires not a drop of lubricating oil. Not only our users, but also the environment profit from this. In addition, our tribologically optimised materials produce less abrasion, as a result of which less energy is needed.

Tribologically optimised plastics at igus®

Tech up. Cost down. Change now!

Determine your personal savings potential NOW*

Shift to drylin® drive technology now

Tech up,
& Cost down

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