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e-loop® modular energy chain system

To guide cables safely in hanging applications, igus has developed the e-loop as an alternative to the service loop - ideally suited for three-dimensional applications.
The e-loop combines the advantages of a polymer energy chain with those of a high-strength pull rope. Inside the chain, the pull rope transfers the pull force to the mounting brackets and the structure. As a result, the cables are kept completely free of strain.
The modular e-chain made of high-performance polymer always enables a defined bend radius and easily copes with vibrations and impacts.

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Tech up

Tech up

  • Modular system, easy to open
  • No loose parts with optional screw lock
  • Maximum cable/hose outer diameter up to 76mm or 500mm bend radius
  • Protects against impact due to robust PU outer body
  • Offers operational reliability due to secondary locking tension of all bolted connections
  • Resistant to dirt
  • An optional "drop safe" version is also available, with additional screw locking - as well as a stainless steel version
  • Weather-resistant

Cost down

Cost down





  • Have your energy chains recycled as part of the igus "chainge recycling programme" at the end of its life cycle. Irrespective of their manufacturer. You receive a chainge recycling programme voucher
  • igus supports the circular economy of plastics and invests in chemical recycling

White papers

e-loop cable guidance in vertical drilling rigs

e-loop cable guidance in vertical drilling rigs

A newly developed alternative to the service loops on vertical drilling rigs offers significantly longer service life under extremely unfavourable environmental conditions.

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Application solutions with the e-loop

Application solutions with the e-loop

Originally developed for
a very special application in deep-drilling rigs, the e-loop was used a short time after it was launched in such applications as bucket wheel excavators, ship unloaders, and offshore wind turbines. This white paper outlines various use cases to provide inspiration.

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Structure of the e-loop

The interior of the e-loop

The interior consists of four injection-moulded parts. Two of them form the crossbar in the chain link and are screwed on (captively). Due to being screwed on, they are clamped onto the pull rope,

Outer protector of the e-loop

External protectors made of impact-absorbing PU protector material ensure that the energy chain and the cables are protected when hard impacts occur.

e-loop pull rope

The individual chain links are clamped onto the high-strength pull rope. The rope itself is a plastic-fibre rope and its permissible tensile load is 50kN.

e-loop mounting brackets

The mounting brackets of the e-loop are high-strength steel mounting brackets. The plastic-fibre rope, which absorbs the entire tensile force of the e-loop, is an integral part of the brackets.

Assembly of two chain links of the e-loop
e-loop in the factory

e-loop as an alternative to the service loop

220mm - dynamic, crossbars every link

e-loop 220mm - dynamic, crossbars every link

Part No.Inner ØOuter ØBend radiusWeight 
ELP.220.01.D150 mm220 mm380 mm≈ 18kg/m Request


220mm – static, with crossbars every 2nd link

e-loop 220mm – static, with crossbars every 2nd link

Part No.Inner ØOuter ØBend radiusWeight 
ELP.220.01.S150 mm220 mm175 mm≈ 11kg/m Request


300mm - dynamic, crossbars every link

e-loop 300mm - dynamic, crossbars every link

Part No.Inner ØOuter ØBend radiusWeight 
ELP.300.01.D230 mm300 mm500 mm≈ 22kg/m Request


300mm – static, with crossbars every 2nd link

e-loop 300mm – static, with crossbars every 2nd link

Part No.Inner ØOuter ØBend radiusWeight 
ELP.300.01.S230 mm300 mm210 mm≈ 13kg/m Request

430mm - dynamic, crossbars every link

e-loop 360mm - dynamic, crossbars every link

Part No.Inner ØOuter ØBend radiusWeight 
ELP.430.01.D360 mm430 mm625 mm  Enquiries

e-loop with rollers

e-loop with rollers

Rollers under the e-loop, for example, for easier movement on the ground. One application example can be the generation of power for ships in ports.

e-loop with grip module

e-loop with grip module

Makes transport/travel of the loop system easier, e.g. on ECI plants, and simplifies the handling in combination with rollers.

Load and break test of the e-loop

igus performs application-specific tests in the in-house laboratory for a long-lasting energy supply.

Load test of e-loop
continuous test of a completely harnessed e-loop with cable filling for 500t top drive. The test is carried out in the open air with all environmental influences as well as simulation of wind and vibrations.
Result: In the meantime, the test has run 40,000 double strokes. All influences due to weather do not affect the functionality of the e-loop. Side impacts, bumps or vibrations do not bother the e-loop.
Break test of the e-loop
Test setup: the e-loop is dropped from a height of 10 metres onto a safe and hits it with full force.
Result: the test proves that the e-loop withstands the collision without problems; its design is resistant to shocks and shatterproof.

The most fascinating projects with e-loop

The e-loop can be used in the following branches of industry:

e-loop questions and answers

How can I supply energy in heavy-duty applications safely and reliably? What alternatives are there to service loops and umbilicals? With the e-loop, igus has developed an alternative to the service loop that can safely guide heavy cables with large cross sections in hanging applications. The energy supply system is a round, three-dimensional modular system that can move strain-relieved cables with a defined bend radius. The cables can be used individually and replaced in case of maintenance. The chain links are also replaceable at any time.
How does the e-loop absorb forces that act on it?The new energy supply system from igus is built around a high-strength plastic rope that absorbs the tensile forces of the cables. The rope is composed of a synthetic plastic fibre and is therefore shatter-proof, weather-resistant, flexible and corrosion-free.

How can I replace cables in the e-loop?Unhook, put down on a surface somewhere, screw open, replace cable(s), screw shut, and then suspend the e-loop again. That's all it takes regarding maintenance thanks to the simple modular setup of the energy chain. For the rarest of cases you should always have a replacement chain at hand to avoid downtime.
How does igus deliver the e-loop and how is it installed?igus delivers the e-loop in the way that you prefer: either completely assembled or harnessed, on a drum or on a pallet. There is a defined thread at the end of the e-loop for additional mounting. Our installation team is happy to take care of the assembly.

How are components prevented from falling down?The individual chain links are all secured with screw connections, so that no component can fall down.

Installation instructions e-loop

Find out in these installation instructions how to assemble the e-loop with and without cables. 

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