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autoglide easy chain®

autoglide easy chain is the fast-filling and cost-effective energy chain with injection-moulded autoglide teeth on the inner radius. The
reduced assembly time is one of the main features of these energy chains. The material, igumid NB, presents more application opportunities due to its flexibility, UL94-V2 classification and excellent cleanroom qualities.

(1) Smooth running: staggered running of upper and lower run
(2) Quick assembly: "easy" design - simply press in the cable
(3) Cost-effective: low-priced due to one-piece design
(4) Safely guided: comb-like autoglide crossbars
(5) Universal: mounting bracket with integrated strain relief

autoglide easy chain

Product range

Usually shipped within 15 working days Series EA16

Inner height Hi: 32mm
Inner width Bi: 48mm
Bend radii R: 75 - 100mm

Usually shipped within 15 working days Series EA25

Inner height Hi: 25.2mm
Inner width Bi: 50mm
Bend radii R: 65 - 100mm

Usually shipped within 15 working days


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