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"e-spool®" - applications

Guide many different cables in confined spaces. e-spool® uniquely combines two different energy supply systems: A standard e-chain® is guided by one roller and provides anytime the exactly correct length and tension of the energy supply system by the use of an integrated retaining spring. In the home position, the e-chain® is completely rolled up to save space. The twisterband connects the roller to the shaft block, which is used as the interface to the permanently installed cables.
Potential applications

Telescope applications

Light/stage technology

Space-saving alternative to Zig-Zag applications

Overview of e-spool® applications

Stage technology

The Congress and cultural centre in Toruń inspired by its organic language of the architecture.

Stage technology

Functional design of a stage system for an opera house – with main stage and mobile stage:

Bale press

Machines which press material into bales areused in many branches.


Special machine tool engineering with thefocus on reinforcing steel processing: A newsystem has been developed for a new finishedpart system, which produces steel baskets inbatch size 1 fully automatic.

Additive manufacturing

The challenge: Cable and hose management for a laser-controlled system.

Spool collector system

The roll-up energy chain system in a spool collector system

Handling unit

Space-saving solution for a secure vertical movement.

Awning illumination

There are twelve awnings in this application that can be individually controlled and separately travelled – equipped with LED technology

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