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"E3 system" applications

Three-piece e-chain® with many new ideas - the igus® system E3 combines small pitch, silent operation, low noise, stability, simple installation and cost efficiency. The resilient element replaces the pin-bore system as connector and prevents relative movements between the joints. For this reason, an almost complete freedom from wear is attained (clean room). In order to reduce the manufacturing and assembly costs, the spring clip is mounted not individually, but at a length of 10 chain links. Another fulfilled development objective of the E3 is an absolutely safe ESD version. A modified resilient element made of electrically conductive material, which connects the chain links mechanically and electrically from end to end, guarantees continuously constant conductance values even at high bending stress and in any mounting position.

Typical industrial sectors and applications:

Semiconductor production and processing, optics, automatic insertion machines, conveyor technology, measuring technology, printer and plotter, cleanroom application, general mechanical engineering.

Intelligent glass door

An E3 series e-chain® ensures the quiet operation of this roller gate and supplies the gate with the necessary power.

Long-term tests for the E3 system with the spring clip connection so far indicate a trouble-free 35 million cycles for a bending radius of 44 mm and an acceleration of 4 g
Long-term tests in our acoustics laboratory at a speed of 1.8 m/s and an acceleration of 3 m/s2 showed reductions of 19-20 dB(A) compared to conventional energy chains.

Further interesting applications from extremely diverse areas can be found here.