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Application examples with the E6 and E6.1 series

The abrasion-resistant joining links replace the conventional pin/bore connection. This is why E6 and E6.1 are suitable for cleanroom applications. This has been confirmed by the IPA Fraunhofer Institute, ISO class 1 and 3 . The special design of the chain links and the small pitches are the reason why the E6 and E6.1 series are particularly quiet.

Positioning systems for electronics manufacturing

Low vibration, quiet, and low wear

KUKA Cobra

This robot becomes faster, lighter and more compact with an additional axis.

High-speed sheet feeding

igus® E6 energy chains are used at Strohmann GmbH. High-speed sheet feeder makes high demands on energy supply.

High speed camera positioning

The rail & Tracking systems are used wherever fast camera movements are an important factor as, for example, at sport competitions, but also at many popular events such as concerts, stage shows, etc.

Multi-spindle machining center

In this application, a two-spindle horizontal machining center was equipped with particularly silent and low-vibration energy supply systems.

ARD - Camera robots

Low-vibration energy chains of the E6 series from igus® being used in ARD's Tagesschau television studio.

The E6.1 series

The new generation of smooth-running and cleanroom-suitable E6.1 series has extremely low-vibration, low-abrasion and is cost-effective.

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