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Fixation point modules | Fast and simple fastening in the steel guide trough

Until now, the steel trough had to be modified on site to fit the mounting brackets at the stationary end of the e-chain®. This is now a thing of the past. With its prefabricated holes, the 2,000 mm long component can be used for centre feed, end feed and opposed travel feed.
1. Fast installation of mounting brackets due to prefabricated holes
2. Fast installation of additional C-profiles
3. Fast screw mounting of glide bars
Industries:Power plants, coal conveyors, mining, composting plants, raw material storage, gipsumplants, etc.

Figure shows the 2,000 mm long fixed end module

Special solution for series 10, B15 and 15


= guide rails
= glide bar
= installation set
= e-chains® outer width
= e-chains® inner width
= e-chains® outer height
= trough inner height
= trough outer height
= trough inner width
= trough outer width


For series 10, 15 and B15 one-piece steel guide troughs are available. They have a continuous glide bar for the gliding section of the trough. The guide troughs for the e-chains® with an outer width up to 60 mm are available from stock. For wider e-chains® special solutions are possible at short notice. For these trough sizes no installation sets are necessary as the guide troughs are made of a single U-profile. The solution for the trough joint is specific for any application.


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