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Energy chain systems in storage and retrieval units

50% less installation time for the energy supply

Description of application

  • System: Storage and retrieval unit "viapal"
  • Industry: Material handling
  • Customer requirements:
    • Operating reliability
    • Noise reduction
    • Save material costs
  • Solution from igus: Series E2/000, guidelok slimline (SL) and readychain harnessing
The powerful "viapal" storage and retrieval unit from viastore systems, Stuttgart, can carry Euro pallets weighing up to 2,000 kg. The device is 43 m high and reaches an acceleration up to 0.5 m/s2 and travel speeds up to 4 m/s. The lifting acceleration is up to 1.5 m/s2 and the lifting speed up to 1.33 m/s.
The company was founded in 1988 within the C. Haushahn Group, but has been engaged in bearing technology since 1970. With around 350 employees, viastore is one of the leading international suppliers of turnkey intralogistic systems for industry and trade. These include order-picking systems, high-bay warehouses, automated small-parts storage systems and complex distribution and logistics centres. New plants are planned and implemented, and existing storage facilities are modernised and adapted to new technologies and modified processes.

viapal storage and retrieval unit

Customer requirements:

According to viastore, the investment in an automated pallet store (APS) offers the customer many advantages. They not only make their own production processes more efficient and safer. Above all, throughput, transparency and thus profitability increase. A high degree of transparency means that stocks can be flexibly adjusted to the actual needs of a company. At the heart of every APS are the SRUs, which ensure fast and flexible warehouse logistics. They must function absolutely reliably at all times, guarantee high availability and be easy to operate.  
In the case of vertical energy chain applications, the masts are becoming higher and higher, the travels longer and longer, and all this at high speeds and enormous rates of acceleration. It can quickly happen that –  in the event of sudden lateral acceleration – the energy chain swings out to the side, in the direction of the shelf construction. If it then bangs against metal beams or pallets as well, a chain break is destined to happen given the violence of the movement.  

igus solutions:

Energy supply systems of the E2/000 series are currently proving their functional reliability in the storage specialists' SRUs. They are openable along the inner radius.  This has advantages especially in case of service, for a defective cable can be replaced very quickly.  The variable interior separation, a long service life thanks to high mechanical stability, quiet running, a variety of fastening options and easy and versatile installation are further plus points.
With guidelok slimline (SL) the energy chain always stays safely on track on the mast and at tower heights of 40 m and more. Sven Wehrle, viastore: "We find this new system to be a convincing solution. It is used for all our storage and retrieval units today. We have calculated that, as a result, we save around 50% installation time for the energy supply system. " For this reason, guidelok slimline will be considered not only for new systems but also for retrofits.
Pre-assembled energy supply systems are also used in the RGBs to increase efficiency and improve technology.  

Products used

E2/000 series

E2/000 series

Openable along the inner radius. Replace defective cables quickly. Long service life due to high mechanical stability

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E2/000 series

guidelok slimline (SL)

Especially for narrow lanes. Guide energy supply systems safely even at very high speeds.

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Pre-assembled energy supply systems

Pre-assembled energy supply systems

Save up to 95% assembly time, reduce manufacturing costs.  

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What our customers say

"For more than 15 years we have been working together as partners.  For example, viastore has been using pre-assembled energy supply systems for years, which are delivered directly to the machine on time. They are then simply installed there," reports Wehrle.