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QuickFill - Interior separation configurator for energy chains

Interior separation configurator now with automatic filling of the e-chain®

The time-consuming preparation of the e-chains® interior separation is over.

The igus® filling expert now creates the filling for the chosen e-chain® series and cables automatically. Within few seconds the filling expert identifies several filling options - the desired version can be taken over by one click.
The request for the configurator is integrated in each e-chains® catalog page for which an interior separation is possible. The configurator offers the opportunity to assemble the desired energy chain with chainflex® cables or individual cables and hoses. The generated interior separation can be requested together with the energy chain and the cables it contains. The configuration created by the filling experts or by the user manually can at all times be edited individually.
The finished interior separation can be saved for later reuse.

Simple handling

Automatic filling of the e-chain® with chainflex® cables or freely defined cables

Avoid filling defects by integrated control device

Connection to igus® 3D CAD library

Automatic creation of a parts list and drawing with dimensions

Just request and order the complete energy chain with chainflex® cables and interior separation in the required configuration