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flizz® / Micro flizz® - Applications

Ready to install "flizzysmall" energy supply module

  • A compact system for the safe and quiet guidance of energy, data and air
  • Control through stationary switch cabinet possible
  • Acceleration up to 50 m/s2 and operating speed up to 6 m/s
  • Quick installation through preassembled system in modular design
  • Low space requirement
  • Smooth-running through ball-bearing mounted carriage
  • Also with EX tested e-chain® available (on request)

Food industry

We are talking about ice cream: A production line produces different container formats that vary in length and width depending on the customer`s requirements.

Presentation system

Outstanding presentations with the "beamflizzer" without the distracting cable-jungle.

Sliding gate

This automated gate will work in any weather condition.

Ice cream packaging machine

Compact e-chain system® for movable control panel on a packaging machine.

Safety bars on gate systems

Space-saving energy supply system for safety bars on gate systems.

Sewage treatment plant

Energy chain system instead of cable drum - Smooth operation at the sewage treatment plant since 2000

Automated storage and retrieval system

The well-planned design allows extremely rapid accelerations as well as high operating speeds.

Sewage treatment plant

The existing system with a motor cable drum proved to be not resistant enough in the difficult outdoor environmental conditions, and was replaced by a flizz® system.

Cold storage rooms

Tests showed that the Micro flizz® can also be operated in tough test conditions in the cold chamber at -40°C and today it is standard equipment of the new generation high speed lifting doors.

Sewage treatment plant

The used igus® products prove themselves till today and drastically reduce the maintenance input.

Fast-running gate for refrigerator rooms

The door systems in this application guaranteethat the temperatures prescribed for the productand storage of perishable products, such asfood, are strictly observed.

More applications with Micro flizz®

Energy supply to the strip at cold storage house doors, in operation for more than one year.

Micro flizz® as "energy supplying rail guide" of a scale to weigh chemicals etc.

Safe energy supply also under strong dust and dirt accumulation with igus® Micro flizz®.

Further interesting applications from extremely diverse areas can be found here.