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igus® solutions for the interior

Boats interior bed design

Lift bed and bed

drylin N low-profile linear guides for manual bed pull-out and  drylin W profile guides as guidance in lift bed systems.

TV lift systems

drylin SLW in TV lift systems

Monitor adjustment with the push of a button with drylin® linear axes and motor.

Windows for boats

drylin T in windows

Compact drylin T miniature guide for window adjustment.

iglidur in doors and cabinets

iglidur J in doors and iglidur G in cabinets

Shock-absorbing, durable, lubrication-free iglidur J plain bearings for door hinges.  Open or move closet doors quietly with shock-dampening using iglidur G plain bearings.

Energy chain for electric height adjustment

easychain in chairs, tables and wash basins

Safe electric adjustment of seats with easychain in tables and chairs and electric height adjustment of wash basins.

Hybrid bearings in wet rooms

drylin WJRM hybrid bearings in shower screens

Slide shower screens easily with drylin W hybrid bearings with an integrated roller.

Solutions for other vessels


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