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Tech up & cost down
motion plastics for the
glass industry

Temperature-resistant ... chip-proof ... quick assembly ... long service life

Accuracy plays a vital role in the glass industry, as cutting and trimming to size to meet individual customer requirements, involves high-precision work. Cutting glass to size for tables, mirrors or doors often leaves sharp edges. A grinding and polishing process finishes the edge to minimize the risk of injury. From surface, joining or forming technology through to handling: igus® always has ideal solutions at hand for individual applications in the glass industry using its e-chain systems®, chainflex cables for movement and plain bearings made of tribologically optimised high-performance polymers. The safe and reliable energy supply also ensures long-term cost savings by reducing installation and maintenance times.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Special tribo-polymers provide longer operation
  • Reduced installation times
  • Low-maintenance and lubrication-free
  • Resistant to dirt and dust
  • Corrosion-free
  • Temperature-resistant
  • Cost-effective

New from April 2020


40% less installation time

Tool-free opening and closing. Large expansion of the product range.

▲ Tech up

20% more fill weight due to vertically and horizontally positioned stop-dogs

Also available as fully enclosed e-tube.

▼ Cost down

Crossbar with fastening straps for tool-free opening and closing

10% less weight due to material removal

More information about the E4Q/R4Q series

E2.1 e-chain series  
The new standard for medium loads

▲ Tech up

Up to 30% larger sliding surfaces for longer service life in gliding operation

Also available as fully enclosed e-tube

▼ Cost down

Simplified installation of the interior separation system

36-month guarantee

More information about the E2.1 e-chain series

chainflex worldwide  
Worldwide the most important standards and approval regulations

▲ Tech up

One cable for all major markets

Gives confidence in the design process

▼ Cost down

No duplicated stock

No additional costs in respect of customs duty

chainflex® cables – at home in the world!

CNC processing service for bar stock

▲ Tech up

Configure components in seconds, carry out the necessary calculations
and order them, all with just a few clicks of the mouse

▼ Cost down

Saves unnecessary waiting times and costs

Decisions can be made quickly

More information about TriboCut service

Selected products for the glass industry

E2.1 & R2.1 e-chain®  
E2.1 & R2.1 e-chain®

E2.1 family available as chains and tubes.

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Hybrid cables CF220.UL.H / CF280.UL.H  
chainflex® hybrid servo cable CF220.UL.H

For medium duty applications. Oil-resistant and coolant-resistant.

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chainflex® bus cable  
chainflex® bus cable for moving applications

Ethernet cable for highest speeds

Find out more

drylin® R - RJUM-01-ES  
drylin® R linear slide bearing RJUM-01-ES

Quiet running while lubrication and maintenance-free at the same time

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iglidur® X bar stock  
iglidur® X stock bar

Resistant to chemicals and temperatures up to +250 °C

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drylin® E linear robots  
drylin® E linear robots

Drive with toothed belt. Ready harnessed in as little as 24hrs.

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Checked in the igus® test laboratory for use in the real world

Media-resistance tests of e-chains® and chainflex® cables


View of the e-chain systems® test laboratory


Selected application examples

Use in glass production

This robot application uses theigus®triflex® system to slide the glass products arriving from the moulding plant at a temperature of around 500 °C into a cooling kiln.

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Glass processing at a low cost

This facility – the only one in the world – makes it possible to process 12 metres of glass and, at the same time ensure high productivity.

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Special procedure for glass processing

Portable laser engraving machines from Cerion GmbH can be found all around the world. Whether in Paris, Rome, London or the Arab Emirates – maintenance-free and cost-effective igus® components save time and money.

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