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robolink® lightweight robot - more time for creativity

Lightweight robots or LBR robots are helpers that are used in industry and are modelled on human arms. Due to their low weight, the robots can be transported quickly and flexibly from workplace to workplace and integrated into the ongoing work process. Lightweight robots from igus® are especially light and cost-effective. This is due to the fitted joints with gearboxes made of high-performance tribo-polymers. Thanks to the plastic, productions of the parts is especially cost-effective. We pass this on to our customers in the form of low prices.
Continuously monotonous work, working in a danger zone and working with a bad body posture (e.g. overhead work, working in small spaces) not only quickly make employees tired but are also a cause of increasing dissatisfaction. Both of these often result in mistakes, which can be associated with costs for complaint processing, absenteeism or repairs. With the robolink® lightweight robots of igus® GmbH, monotonous and ergonomically demanding work is done reliably while employees are freed up for more challenging and complex tasks. The cost-effective robot arms can also be used effectively in small companies to assemble machines, package goods or carry out quality checks, for example.

Maximum energy efficiency due to minimal inertia

Sequences of movements are characterised by acceleration, braking and changes of direction. The forces needed for this correspond to the weight of the moved parts and the frictional forces that have to be coped with. The light components and the low-friction, lubrication-free plain bearings of the joints make the lightweight robots extremely energy-efficient. The breakaway torque of the plain bearings, with which the static friction has to be overcome at the beginning of a movement, is sometimes considerably below 0.01 Nm. As a result, cost-effective process automation is possible in very different areas of industry

Individual parts or complete robots for automation

igus® not only supplies complete robot arms, with or without a control system, but also offers individual parts. From the robot joint to the actuator or the control system. robolink® is modular, which means that each part can be manufactured and replaced individually. The parts can be integrated into existing systems, for example, or can be used to add an axis to an existing robolink®. The mixture of lightweight design and modularity is unique in the field of robotics.

Advantages of the modular Low Cost Robotics articulated arm

Modular approach

Low cost

Lightweight construction

Precision ≤ 1 mm

2-5 degrees of freedom (DOF)

Return on Investment (ROI) after 4 to 7 months 

Lubrication-free and dirt-resistant

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