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PROFINET cables: the leading cable for every application with movement

PROFINET is an Industrial Ethernet standard developed by the association PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V. that is based on an open architecture. This advanced technology is represented worldwide by PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI). The chainflex® cable range from igus® offers a variety of PROFINET cables: a total of nine different cable types are available, all specifically developed for permanent movement in the energy chain.


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What is PROFINET and how does it work?

Transmit data reliably and in real time

PROFINET stands for Process Field Network and, like every Industrial Ethernet standard, uses the TCP/IP or IT standards, which enables continuous application in manufacturing and process automation.  Generally speaking, Profinet fits into the Industrial Ethernet standard alongside bus systems such as Sercos, EtherCat or CC-Link IE.  The advantage of such networks, apart from the possibility of real-time capability, is the modularly structured concept, which allows the user to choose the functionality himself quickly and easily. This makes it possible to design the type of cyclic data exchange across all PROFINET devices, to meet the ever-increasing speed requirements and to establish countless diagnostic options in real time. The seamless integration of the other fieldbus systems through a PROFINET interface should not be underestimated.
A distinction is made between Profinet IO (Input Output), which was created for the connection of decentralised peripherals to a control system (controller), and Profinet CBA (Component Based Automation). The latter view is used for component-based communication via TCP/IP and real-time communication in modular plant engineering. For this reason, PROFINET networks are often referred to as IO controllers or IO devices.



Where does PROFINET IO appear?

PROFINET IO: Industrial communication system and its application areas

PROFINET IO is primarily used for data exchange in mechanical engineering, drive technology and in the manufacturing industry. In addition, this open Industrial Ethernet standard is also used in infrastructural constructions and the building industry.
Appropriately specified cables are available for a wide range of applications and functions. As with PROFIBUS or EtherCAT, cables in the machines and systems often have fixed laying or installation so that cables with a solid conductor consisting of seven strands can be selected.
For applications in motion, especially in the energy chain, also known as e-chain, it is however necessary to use bus cables with eighteen stranded wires. In addition, a cable structure tailored to the movement in the energy chain is necessary, so that secure data transmission of the various bus modules is guaranteed over the years. This is why chainflex® PROFINET cables have become established especially in equipment and machines such as robots, packaging machines, production machines and machine tools.

Which cable is suited for your Ethernet application?

chainflex® cables for connecting several fieldbus systems

At igus® you can choose between nine different cable qualities depending on the requirements and environment. The different bus cable series offer a different structure and different jacket materials in the form of PVC, PUR or TPE, so that the right cable can be selected for each application area to achieve the maximum service life for your automation system. But igus® is not only the right contact for permanent and flexible use; lean and efficient processes are also quickly installed. Trust in our offer with the best price-performance ratio and take advantage of our support with the price check

All chainflex® PROFINET cables have one thing in common. All chainflex® cables are subject to the same quality standards. It does not matter whether it is a cost-effective cable of the CF888 family, or a cable for highest demands and smallest bend radii, as is the case with the CFBUS.LB. Therefore, igus® GmbH also grants a 36-month functional guarantee on all chainflex® cables with a service life of up to 10 million double strokes for bus cables.

For fully integrated automation and engineering systems, igus® also offers readycable® harnessed cables as a one-stop service. Each PROFINET cable can be supplied with open ends or harnessed. You can choose from a wide range of harnessed industrial plug-in connectors; whether with moulded standard M12 connectors  (D-coded) or field-harnessed as  RJ45 . This allows your Industry 4.0 solution to be implemented directly, as Profinet can be connected to many control systems - from Siemens, Allen Bradley, Bosch,... as standard.


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Complete cable range like USB, Profibus, CC-Link, ... for the use in energy chains.


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chainflex lasts - 36-month guarantee. Find details of the unique chainflex guarantee here.  


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Designed for use in energy chains. Numerous types of cable with different approvals and certificates of conformity


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Long-lasting energy chains: safe cable guidance thanks to years of experience from the energy chain manufacturer igus


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