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Profinet is an Industrial Ethernet standard cable developed by the association, Profibus-Nutzerorganisation e.V. The advantage of Profinet is, besides the real-time Ethernet capability, a modular concept that allows the user to choose the functionality itself. Thus, there is the possibility of the type of data exchange, as well as meeting the required speed.
A distinction between Profinet IO (Input Output), which was created for the connection of decentralised peripherals to a control system, and Profinet CBA (Component Based Automation) is that the latter view is used for component-based communication via TCP/IP and real-time communication in modular plant engineering.
Since the two communication paths CBA and IO can be used in parallel, which leaves all options open in which areas of the system Profinet IO or CBA is used for communication. Also a combined use is possible due to the fact that Profinet IO allows the connection of decentralised peripherals, it can be regarded as the successor of Profibus DP. The rapid development of Profinet already shows that this bus system will increasingly replace Profibus DP.

Profinet cable application areas

PROFINET is mainly used in mechanical engineering as well as in the manufacturing industry. In addition, PROFINET is also used in infrastructure construction and in the building industry, as integration via the Wireless Local Area Network is also possible.
Profinet cables are available for different applications. As with PROFIBUS, cables in the machines and systems often have fixed laying so that cables with a solid conductor or a flexible conductor consisting of 7 strands can be selected.
For applications in the energy chain, which colloquially is also referred to as a drag chain, it is necessary to use Profinet cables with fine stranded wires. In addition, a cable structure tailored to the movement in the energy chain is necessary, so that secure data transmission is guaranteed over the years. This is why chainflex cables have become established especially in equipment and machines such as robots, packaging machines, production machines and machine tools.


Which cable from igus is suitable for Profinet applications?

The chainflex cable range from igus offers a large number of PROFINET cables: a total of 8 different PROFINET cable types from 7 cable ranges available for different applications. All chainflex PROFINET cables have been developed for permanent movement in the energy chain. Depending on the requirement, different PVC, PUR and TPE outer jackets can be selected. The different bus cable series offer different performance levels, so that the right cable can be chosen for each application area in order to achieve the longest service life.
All chainflex Profinet cables have one thing in common, they are subject to the same quality standards. It does not matter whether it is a cost-effective cable of the CF888 range or a cable for highest demands and smallest bend radii as is the case with the CFBUS.LB range. igus GmbH grants a 36 month functional guarantee on all chainflex cables with a service life of up to 10 million double strokes.

Transmission lengths of Profinet cable

The topic of the maximum transmission length of bus cables is often underestimated. In general, caution should be exercised, as the maximum cable length can vary greatly depending on the type of cable. A cable for fixed installation always has a lower dampening than flexible cables, which is designed for permanent movements. As a result, the transmission length is lower than with a cable for fixed installation.
Depending on the cable range, chainflex Profinet cables are mechanically designed for travels of up to 400m or more, but the data rate of the bus system decreases with increasing cable lengths. For fixed installation, copper cables can reach up to 100m however, for highly flexible Profinet cables our experience shows that a cable length of up to 50m between two Profinet devices is possible. Despite this, the length may vary depending on the environmental conditions and application requirements. For long travel distances we therefore recommend the use of fibre optic cables, which makes a cable length of up to 1km possible.

Sold by the metre or harnessed Profinet cable?

chainflex cables can be ordered by the metre on a drum as standard, or cable ring, from 1m order length with no cutting charge or minimum quantity surcharges. In addition, igus also offers these cables as ready harnessed readycable. Every chainflex Profinet cable can be ordered in a desired length from quantity one or as a harnessed cable. In the readycable online shop you can choose between different cables and connectors. Our filter function helps to select the right type.


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