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Wear-resistant and quiet: xiros® two-component ball bearings

The two-component ball bearing is suitable for high-speed applications. The outer material provides stability, the wear-resistant inner material has a vibration-dampening effect. The ball bearing rings with undercuts ensures a high level of safety when the materials are connected. The blue material is extremely wear-resistant and responsible for the quiet operation.

Two-component ball bearing - first view
Two-component ball bearing - third view
Two-component ball bearing - second view
Tech up

Tech up

  • Dimensionally stable and vibration-damping at the same time
  • For higher speeds
  • Silent

Cost down

Cost down

  • Long service life due to the combination of two polymers



Noise measurement in the igus® test laboratory Noise measurement in the igus® test laboratory: 9dB quieter than xirodur® B180 standard ball bearings

Innovation - Why is it a novelty?

  • Combining the specifications of a soft and hard polymer to obtain a strong and quiet ball bearing at the same time

Effect - What goals were achieved?
  • The development of a world first - with two components customers cover several requirements than with only one component

Usability / user benefits - What benefits do customers derive from the novelty?
  • Higher axial load capacity compared to existing soft xirodur materials
  • Particularly advantageous at high speeds

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