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Tech up and cost down now with energy chains and cables from igus

igus has been manufacturing energy chains systems made of plastic since the 1970s and was one of the first companies to do so. Thanks to this experience, we can offer the most cost-effective energy supply system that works most effectively for your application.  If we are unable to keep our promise and do not offer you any saving1) or technical improvement2), we will recommend an alternative solution upon request.
Try us out regarding:
  • Guaranteed saving
  • Technical improvement

1) Whether we are talking about savings in terms of time or money spent on installation, selection, design etc. 2) Technical improvement in the form of easier installation, durability, quiet operation etc. 36-month guarantee on e-chains and chainflex cables in accordance with igus conditions are obligatory.

Tech up and cost down


55 years experience in the area of plastics for motion

We know what applications need and customers want. We know our products and their properties exactly.
And we show you how you can profit from them to improve the performance of your technical equipment and reduce costs.


▲Tech up

Goes and goes and goes ...
10 years and longer. With a 36-month guarantee

Energy chains from igus are very structurally stable and durable and have proven their reliability in many applications under a wide variety of conditions. Around 10 billion e-chain cycles are carried out in the chain and cable laboratory every year. This is why we can say exactly how long an energy chain will last in an application.



▲Tech up

The place is in an extremely small foundry ...
Over 80% less installation space possible

Energy chains are the most modular and probably the most compact form of energy supply system, especially if energy, data, air and fluids have to be transferred in one system. With more than 200,000 e-chain articles , we have the right energy supply system for your installation space.


▲Tech up

Lightweight and strong ...
Weight reduced by up to 48%

The fact that plastic is lighter than metal is nothing new. Our new energy chains are now lighter than their preceding versions. And a lighter energy chain means more fill weight and higher speeds.


▲Tech up

Ultra-silent ...
Noise emission reduced by 25% 

The noise emission of machines and plants has long been an important issue, and not just since Machine Directive 2006/42/EG. Every component, especially moving components, can contribute towards reduction of a machine's noise level. Our e-chains are especially quiet, low-vibration products. With 32 dB(A) at 1 m/s, for example, they are quieter than an out-of-the-way residential street at night or a person whispering.


▼Cost down

Ready to go ...
Installation time reduced by up to 88%

The installation time is an important cost-saving factor. Our openable energy chains are all easy to open manually or with a screwdriver; no screws have to be tightened. Ready-to-install readychain systems also reduce the installation times enormously and lower the manufacturing costs.

▼Cost down

Planned with foresight ...
Maintenance intervals increased and 40,000 euros saved*

Intelligent energy supply products from igus help you to save costs of thousands of euros incurred due to machine failure or standstill. How? By means of regular or permanent monitoring of the machine's condition. With our components, you can increase machine safety and efficiency and, at the same time, reduce costs caused by unnecessary maintenance.
*An igus application at Tata Steel Haldia in India with a travel of 480m and a chain length of 240m, was able to avoid replacement that would have cost approximately €40,000.

Maintenance intervals
Purchasing costs


▼Cost down

Overengineering is a thing of the past ...
The best energy supply system does not have to be the most expensive as well

Buying is one of the most important tasks in a company. Buyers with the right know-how can take advantage of big savings potential in the company. Given the large variety and quantity of parts that a buyer has to purchase, it is not easy to keep track of things. We show you examples of how Tech up, Cost down is possible for your buyers as well as for other departments.

How do I configure the most cost-effective energy chain
that can be relied on to do its job?


With our online configurators, you only have to complete a few steps to configure the perfect and most cost-effective energy chain that can be relied on to do its job. Calculation of the foreseeable service life of the energy chain and the chainflex cables.

What our customers say:

Messer Cutting System

"We have never had any problems with igus as a supplier", adds Maxwell Santos. The energy chains function without any failures or unscheduled downtimes.
Maxwell Santos | MESSER Cutting Systeme

Aluminium Oxid Stade GmbH (AOS)

"Less maintenance expenditure, greater availability, the possibility of guiding all different cables and hoses in a single system, electronic pull/push force monitoring … all these benefits have fully convinced us of the advantages of igus products. I would choose igus energy chains time and time again!“
Fabian Wilhelm, Head of Electrical Energy Engineering | Aluminium Oxid Stade GmbH (AOS)


"We are very satisfied with the quality and durability of igus products. Our requirements are almost always met with the standard range and, where or when ever needed, igus will make special parts. Last but not least, the price/performance ratio of the products is also very good"

Yes, plastic energy chains can be recycled

Energy chain recycling program

Have your energy chains
processed in the igus chainge recycling program no matter which manufacturer they came from
so that reusable granulate material can be obtained.
 How it works

Tech up. Cost down.

Begin to improve the technology for your machine now and lower the costs for your company.


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