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igus® terms in alphabetical order


Unsupported - short travels

Gliding - long travels

Vertical hanging

Vertical standing

Infinitely revolving applications

Zig-zag applications


Rotary motion

Horizontal + vertical application


Side by side

Combined motions

Short cuts and formula of this catalog

Short cut Description 
α=Rotation angle[°]
ΔM=Deviation from the mean[mm]
AR=e-chains® outer radius[mm]
Ba=Outer width of e-chain®[mm]
Bi=Inner width of e-chain®[mm]
BRa=Outer width of guide trough[mm]
BRi=Inner width of guide trough[mm]
D=Projection e-chain® radius in final position[mm]
D2=Projection for long travels gliding[mm]
FLB=Unsupported length with permitted sag[m]
FLG=Unsupported length - straight[m]
FLU=Unsupported length without support for the lower run[m]
FZmax=Maximum additional load[kg/m]
H=Nominal installation height[mm]
H2=Installation height with lowered moving end[mm]
ha=e-chains® external link height[mm]
HF=Required installation height[mm]
hi=Inner height of e-chain®[mm]
HRa=Outer height of guide trough[mm]
HRi=Inner height of guide trough[mm]
IR=Inner radius, e-chain®[mm]
K=Add-on for bending radius[mm]
K2=Further add-on if the mounting bracket location is set lower (for long travels)[mm]
LK=Length of e-chain®[mm]
n=Number of links[1]
nKit=Number of installation kits (left/right)[1]
nRi=Number of guide channel sets (left/right)[1]
R=Bending radius[mm]
RBR=Reverse bending radius[mm]
S=Travel distance[mm]
S/2=Half the length of travel[mm]
T=e-chain® pitch[mm]
v=Speed (travel)[m/s]
X1=Inner machine installation space (twisterchain)[mm]
X2=e-chains® outer radius incl. clearance[mm]

Formula Description
SFLB = 2 * FLB=Calculation of maximum travel length, unsupported with sag
SFLG = 2 * FLG=Calculation of maximum travel length, unsupported straight
BRI ≥ Ba + 5=Calculation of the minimum guide trough width
HRI ≥ 2 * ha=Minimum height of guide channel on gliding application
K = R * π + (2 x T)=Add-on for bending radius
LK = S/2 + ΔM + K=e-chain® length, fixed end outside the
center of the travel distance (on FLG, FLB and ΔM)
LK = S/2 + K=e-chain® length, all installation types, fixed end in the center of 
the travel distance, except circular motions and most long
travel distances (on FLG, FLB) [m]
LK = S/2 + K2=Calculation of chain lengths for long travels,
fixed end in the center of travel