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Smart farming

Low-cost robots in agriculture

Agricultural robots not only counter worker shortage, but also ensure more economy and efficiency. Their applications include autonomous field cultivation (also called "remote farming"). For instance, intelligent camera systems can be used to control weeding remotely.
The robot systems offer multifaceted, flexible options for variation. This greatly increases yield per unit of surface area, which makes developing such specialised devices worth it.
Our automation technologies are also used for vertical farming, also known as indoor farming. This term refers to agriculture in closed spaces that uses the vertical dimension. The future technology is intended to allow sustainable agriculture and mass production of animal and vegetable products in urban spaces.

Efficient agriculture with field robots

Field robots

Indoor farming with Low Cost Automation

Vertical farming

Low-cost robotics in agricultural engineering

  • Great cost savings and faster ROI
  • Flexible adaptation of robot tasks 
  • Freedom from lubrication and maintenance; no product contamination
  • Dirt and corrosion-resistant components 
  • FDA-compliant components

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App library – agricultural robots in practice

Field robots in agriculture

Indoor farming with Low Cost Automation


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