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Motor cables

Flexible motor cables

Our flexible motor cables for use in movements provide power to electric drives and motors and are also capable of transmitting very high electrical currents. Depending on the application, different requirements are called for: protection against heat, chemicals or oil as well as a high degree of robustness under tensile, movement and bending loads.

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No. 1 in terms of choice, testing and guarantee

Dependable cables for movements in the e-chain - for many cycles, high speeds and accelerations and more challenges.

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36 months guarantee

In our 2,750 m² laboratory, we put our cables through their paces - and with confidence we can give them a 36 month guarantee!

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Find the right cable for every application - and directly calculate the service life!

chainflex motor cable

chainflex motor cables are available as PVC, PUR and TPE motor cables and as multi-core and single-core cables. Flame-retardant, , halogen-free and UV-resistant versions are also available as shielded or unshielded cables. chainflex motor cables can be used in high speeds and accelerations as well as for simple applications. Tested in the igus laboratory with millions of cycles in e-chains, they provide a high degree of dependability.

The structure of a motor cable

The basic form of the motor cable is always the same: the core of the motor cable is made of copper. Depending on requirements, igus GmbH provides single-core, but also multi-core motor cables. The use of chainflex motor cables has proven itself especially at high accelerations and speeds. igus GmbH guarantees a long service life of its motor cables, even at high load frequencies.
An in-house test laboratory in Cologne has been completing many hundreds of cable tests per year for 25 years. In many industrial machines small bend radii are required by the motor cable: a bend radius of up to 5 x d can also be guaranteed. A service life guarantee of 36 months and up to 10 million double strokes can be issued based on the experience gained in the test laboratory.

Dependability due to high quality core structure

In industrial applications, core ruptures or corkscrews are a hazard. This often causes machine downtime. igus designs its chainflex cables with mechanically high-quality copper conductors in optimised pitch length to avoid such stoppages. This core structure provides a high load capacity compared to conventional motor cables. From a core cross section of 10 mm² it is recommended to switch to single cores for energy chain systems, as these can be used in a smaller bend radius, which also benefits the mechanical design of the entire energy chain system.

Motor cables - shielded or unshielded?

When motor cables are bundled together with other cables, such as a bus or data cable and used in complex industrial machinery, they should have a good shielding. This protects the signals in data cables against electromagnetic influences from adjacent motor cables. It also eliminates the disruptive influence of nearby electronic circuits, high-frequency controllers and sensitive control electronics in the environment.
Shielded motor cables are recommended for use in frequency-controlled motors powered by frequency converters or servo drives, which create a strong electromagnetic field around the cables.

Special features of chainflex motor cables

In cable technology, igus GmbH looks back on an innovative and successful history since 1989. All cables are manufactured under high quality supervision. The intensive tests in different travels and bend radii allow customers to quickly find the desired cable using online tools. Using a configurator, the customer can put together individual cable solutions for their special application by entering the desired and necessary components online. The chainflex service life calculators also reliably show the expected service life of the motor cables. The chainflex cables from igus are guaranteed to meet the highest demands.

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