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triflex® R series TRL

  • Light version
  • Cost-effective
  • "easy" design
  • Simply press cables in
  • Bend radius R: 50 - 145mm
Product description
triflex® R light - double benefit of low purchase price and quick installation, one-piece link, extremely easy to fill thanks to easychain® principle, fits into standard triflex® R mounting brackets
Multi-dimensionally movable - high flexibility for complicated movements even in the 6th axis. Rotation of approx. ± 10° per chain link possible in the longitudinal axis. This facilitates cable routing around difficult geometric shapes
High tensile force absorption due to the "ball and socket" joint, meaning smooth movements in all axes
Easy opening mechanism - for easy filling and replacement of pre-assembled cables or hoses
Small bend radii and pitch for space-saving installation
Easy assembly and disassembly possible - one injection-moulded part, thus little assembly effort. Extra elements (e.g. steel cable, spring mechanisms, etc.) not required for retraction Easy shortening and lengthening due to modular design
Installation times minimised with easy connection to your machine and comprehensive accessories
When to use Series TRL:
  • If an easy-to-fill, cost-effective multi-axis chain is required
  • When you need a multi-axis chain for less demanding environmental conditions
  • If a very easy-to-use multi-axis chain is required

When NOT to use Series TRL:
  • For circular movements with high load
    We recommend a twisterchain®
  • If a completely closed variant is required
    Better go for the triflex® R TRC
  • If a stronger, easy-to-fill variant is required
    Better select the triflex® R TRE
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